Zhang Lingzhi hot blooded heroes and the campus Belle Nier entertainment Sohu green flowers liuxiaobo

Zhang Lingzhi "hot blooded heroes" and the campus Belle Nier entertainment Sohu green flower Zhang Lingzhi and Chen Long recently, created by the Great Wall film heavily, Chen Long, Zhang Lingzhi couple two people starring inspirational youth Spy Drama "hot blooded heroes -" in the campus Belle filming lasted more than two months, finally in Anhui Chuzhou ushered in the whole group fixing. In October 5th, Zhang Lingzhi also said micro-blog issued a document: "today we shot, flower girl, goodbye! Two and a half months every day is love you. Every shot does not give up you. I have no regrets, thanks to all the brothers, see." Although fixing drama, but Zhang Lingzhi seems to be reluctant to part with the flower of my speech, valiant and heroic in bearing, also with the "flower" Jianghu heroism nell. Two and a half months to get along, Zhang Lingzhi perfect interpretation of the flower girl, and spend my left the shadow upon Zhang Lingzhi. Zhang Lingzhi, Chen Long two people in the studio when shooting is constantly fierce sun of happiness, Zhang Lingzhi micro-blog said: "with you, you will forget all tired." This is another masterpiece left Zhang Lingzhi Chen Long husband and wife at work, Zhang Lingzhi play a lot of difficult actions to complete yourself, often hurt hurt, it seems to take my Zhang Lingzhi also pay a lot, no regrets.相关的主题文章:

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