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"Yun Zhi" Zheng Guolin full force behind Zhang Xiaofan Kuangfu justice Zheng Guolin stills Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news adaptation of Xiao Ding’s novel the costume drama "Zhu Xian Xian Xia Yun Zhi" is Hunan TV hit. With the continuous climax of the story, the drama ratings soared, along with magic battle smoke four, "Yun Zhi" first season will come to an end. Zheng Guolin in the play with warm male big brother Song Daren corner impressed the audience, the next story, Qingyun disciples together, is magic war force value big brother triggered at any moment, open, behind Zhang Xiaofan Kuangfu justice. As Dazhu’s first peak door Qingyun Tian to disciple, Song Daren has always been adhering to the demon slayer and justice mission, with responsibility, assist Xiaofan, fight for justice. In the face of critical moment teachers questioned him, Zhang Xiaofan to come forward, speak out; that he is a rebel pines, with younger Guardian linger, Wu Yi presents a high strength, good heart door upright brother image. Careful users also found that when Zheng Guolin played Shidishimei to feel at ease, big brother force value open, Dazhu’s first peak position in future. "Yun Zhi", Zheng Guolin in detail crafted figures, making Song Daren’s image to be more plentiful. In the face of Zhang Xiaofan, and show the utmost solicitude facing the enemy, his passport; sharp eyes intimidating; face lover Wen Min, shy and full of tender feelings. It can be said that Zheng Guolin with the character Song Daren will grasp, face the different characters of emotional expression to show the most incisive, the original classic novels in the big brother image gives the soul and personality, rounded up. "Qingyun Zhi" the first ending soon, played by Zheng Guolin Song Daren and what will be the outcome, please continue with the Hunan satellite TV, witness the just evil war.相关的主题文章:

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