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Yangming ritual ceremony held in October 30th   in the future will become the fixed ceremony Guiyang International Cultural Festival – Guizhou Yangming Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yangming ritual ceremony held in October 30th October 30th, 2016 Chinese? Guiyang (Fifth Session of the international Yang Xiuwen) Cultural Festival will be held in Yangming ritual ceremony, and then start the ritual ceremony to create a cultural festival Yangming long-term fixed ceremony. Ritual ceremony held the venue in Yangming Culture Park core area and square design scale of 2000 people, 60 minutes long. Ritual process is divided into four chapters, the first chapter is on the beginning of the heart, the second chapter third chapter Yangming Memorial, glorious mind, the fourth chapter is the unity of knowledge and action. Sacrifice will be invited to the Central Conservatory of Music professor of music creation, process planning, and invited to participate in long-term research and cultural activities of the Provincial Department of art as an executive director. According to the arrangement, the ritual ceremony will design 64 drum flag 64 people, 64 people, trombone the procession. A bronze and two altar wine, expensive three torches, and the "scholar’s four jewels" sacrifices a bumper grain harvest. The 64 person team gagaku array, Chinese into ancient instruments dragon horn, flute, Xun, Sheng, guqin, pipa, bell and Guizhou ethnic musical instruments, drums, horns, Lusheng etc.. The dance team of 256 people with Tai Chi Bagua Zhen, set two horizontal and one single cross Tai Chi, Tai Chi, three double cross four four cross eight Tai Chi, Tai Chi in the flowers program, meaning "Tai Chi astrotech, astrotech students four images, four images and gossip", after all eight people cross five. In terms of costume design, the staff will wear the dress, the Chinese people wear costumes. The statue is arranged under the bed and Mr. Wang for incense, flowers and incense. Festival began, all staff participation in the festival, Mr. Yang Ming famous unison reading important sayings, and selected poems to music in Yangming, long popular songs. ((Liu Lei): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章:

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