Xu Jia Liu Tingyu today launched the ambush spy and fire – flying entertainment Sohu peepsamurai

Xu Jia Liu Tingyu today launched the "ambush" spy and fire fly – Sohu entertainment Xu Jia Liu Tingyu staged live ammunition "ambush" Sohu entertainment news today, large TV drama "ambush" war theme in Guizhou TV premiere, the play by the cool media director Guo Jianyong produced, directed, Liu Tingyu, brought together Xu Jia, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong, Jia Zongchao Qian Xuan, Li Zefeng, Xu Shendong, and Liu Naping co starred in the strength of the actors. In the 1937 outbreak of the Anti Japanese war as the historical background, tells the story of the battle of Nanjing, the city officer Shi Yongkai met China Communist Party underground party members, university professors, the leader of the gang, folk artists, patriotic businessman and other sectors of society and people, and they unite as one, successfully protecting the people of Nanjing and a large number of treasures. Xu Jia guy to incarnate the most fashionable Japanese officer Xu Jia in many TV military theme created a "bloody tears" hero, left a deep impression on the audience. The Xu Jia is the role of the Anti Japanese hero "Shi Yongkai", is a bold and crafty, permanent dare honest guy, led by "Huben" commandos fought on both sides of the Changjiang River, anti Japanese hero legend write a song capable of evoking praises and tears. This time in the drama, he subverts the image of the past incarnation are both simple metrosexual man, white suit, or with the blue scarf, or retro black hat, with the unique charm of the character shine. The play is a sense of having in the drama of the war, but the characters of the fashion for the show is a Japanese version of the fashion show, very suction eye. Not only that, the drama with a few beautiful actress starring complex emotional line also makes the play very interesting. Liu Tingyu premiered the drama of the war shape the most beautiful underground party members Liu Tingyu’s role is Chinese underground Communist Party member Yuan Yuting, she thought simple, gentle and kind. In the era of a hail of bullets in the flames of war, and devote themselves to the national interests. Liu Tingyu before the role of the costume is more characters, costume romance "solid" the nobile Guo Xin, "myth" new living Buddha Ji Gong Zhi Aram, martial arts drama "Gu Jian" Nuwa etc.. The TV series "ambush" let a person shine. Liu Tingyu said in an interview, "TV series" ambush "is her first attempt to fight the theme of war, for which it has done a lot of homework." I believe it will bring a lot of surprises to the audience.相关的主题文章:

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