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Xi’an market garlic 9 yuan and compared to the same period last year, the price doubled newspaper (reporter Zheng Yichen) recently, Xi’an people found that garlic prices play "garlic you ruthless" a catty 9 yuan, compared with the same period last year, the price doubled. How do you sell garlic? 9 pounds a kilo. It’s too expensive." Aunt Zhang is the travel-ready dishes market to buy food, eat cold is warm, it does not use fry onion ginger garlic natural and ultimately, "a pound of garlic 9 block, 15 block a pound of pork, such a ratio, garlic prices rose too hard." Yesterday, reporters in Kunming Road near 3 vegetable store learned that garlic prices in 9-10 yuan a catty. Many people say, it seems that the old Shaanxi in the noodle shop eat garlic garlic to dig their own money. "Garlic price is really high, wholesale price is in 8 pieces a pound, I just enter the goods in the morning.". Cold weather, garlic ginger bought more people, but the price is high, we will buy one or two." A greengrocer Kunming Lu Zhao master said. Another vendor said that garlic was around 3 this time last year, which is now a few times higher than last year. Provincial Price Bureau this week price monitoring data show that the province’s 26 garlic retail price of 8.22 yuan a pound, compared with 19, rose 0.15 yuan. Reporters query the Provincial Bureau of prices monitoring data found that in October 21, 2015 the province’s garlic retail price was 4.16 yuan, in August 10, 2016, the province’s garlic showed "seven consecutive rise", the cumulative increase of 27.29%, 17 days up and down, the average price of 6.94 yuan, September 7th garlic prices rose to 7.61 yuan. From the above data can be seen, garlic prices soared. Why garlic price playing "garlic you ruthless"? Www analyst Cui Xiaona said the domestic garlic, garlic is mainly produced in Shandong, Henan, Hebei and Jiangsu, the annual 5-6 month new garlic, in order to prevent the cold storage must be September before germination. Since the new garlic market this year, the price all the way up, dry garlic storage from 4.20 yuan Jin rose to 5.50 yuan jin. Garlic prices soared and the main producing areas, as well as transportation and other layers of the increase in price has a certain relationship.

西安市场大蒜一斤9元 和去年同期相比价格翻番   本报讯(记者郑伊琛)近期,西安市民发现大蒜价格玩起“蒜你狠”一斤9元,和去年同期相比,价格翻番。   “蒜咋卖?一斤9块,太贵了。”正在建国路菜市场买菜的张阿姨说,天冷了都想吃点热乎的,这不爆锅用的葱姜蒜自然少不了,“大蒜一斤都9块了,猪后腿一斤15块,这样一比,大蒜价格涨得太狠了。”昨日,记者在昆明路附近3家菜摊了解到,大蒜价格都在9-10元一斤。不少市民戏说,看来老陕在面馆吃饭吃蒜得自己掏蒜钱了。   “蒜价格确实高,批发价都在8块一斤,我早上才进的货。天冷了,蒜姜买的人多了,可价格一高,大家就一两个的买。”昆明路一菜贩赵师傅说。另一摊贩说去年这个时候蒜也就3块左右,就现在这个价格看,比去年翻了几番。   省物价局本周价格监测数据显示,26日全省大蒜零售均价一斤8.22元,与19日相比,上涨0.15元。记者查询省物价局监测数据发现,2015年10月21日全省大蒜零售价为4.16元,2016年8月10日全省大蒜呈现“七连涨”,累计涨幅为27.29%,17日止涨回落均价为6.94元,9月7日蒜价上涨价格为7.61元。从以上数据可以看出,大蒜价格一路飙升。   蒜价为何玩起“蒜你狠”?卓创资讯大蒜分析师崔晓娜表示,国内的大蒜主要产自山东、河南、河北及江苏,每年5-6月份产新蒜,为防止发芽9月份之前必须入冷库存储。今年新蒜上市以来,价格一路上涨,干蒜入库从4.20元 斤涨到5.50元 斤。蒜价飙升和主产地减产以及运输等层层加价有一定关系。相关的主题文章:

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