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Women have to live a little cat! Source: Tea girl women have a cat. When the cat do wrong in spoiled or, need someone to comfort and guidance. If the master hit it, it will be hard to remember, will not repeat. A woman, with a cat’s self-esteem, especially a woman in love…… Cat sex in others does not matter, in fact, need care. Because of love, her heart has become soft. Her self-esteem, in fact, is that you care about her. Sometimes a woman needs a man, like a flight machine needs a parachute, if at this moment he is not, then he does not have to. Really, that’s the way it is. If one day the cat with a firm look at you say I can, then the cat is ready to leave. The woman is to be independent, but independent to will no longer be unreasonable for you to act in pettish capricious, no nonsense around you, you think you like strangers for her there is much difference? Cats live to live a little cat sex! The cat woman, not every man have seen, because love you, care about you a unique gululu sound to you, other people can only hear the cat meowing, and this sound gululu just for you, how many people can understand? Women love to toss, just love to toss his own that he. If one day, we slowly found himself a person can play do not feel bored, not for a long time he won’t pinch Shouyang, just quietly beside him, and he no longer wanted to move together, who can know when we should have much sad…… Willful man always said the woman said nothing unreasonable, the woman said, the woman does not speak the truth, said the woman won’t listen to reason. Why don’t you think about it, when she is treating others, why not? Yes, if one day, you will no longer spoiled her, she no longer for you, she no longer pestering you to tell you that this should be, she no longer anything because you smile or frown. Then you’ll lose her forever. (pictures from the panorama network) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog) statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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