Wires from the third floor down to 20 battery charging, storage room into a charging station-spyair

Wires from the third floor down to 20 battery charging, storage room into a charging station, 10 square meters of storage room filled with the battery is charging. The wires were pulled out of the third floor window and drilled down the outer wall into the storage room on the first floor. Yesterday, the "sunshine" Post said, in Ningbo Zhongxing Road ZTE new homes in the community, there is such a wire, is actually from the charging line rental room pull, shed more than 10 or are waiting for charging the battery. The netizen said that there were 3 young men who sent fast food on the third floor, and the wires were pulled out of the rental house. "For their own and other small partners electric vehicles (about 10 vehicles) charging, from day to night has been full of charge, the storage room has become a charging station." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the scene to see the situation. In the 32 floor of the external wall, the reporter found a yellow gray wires, respectively, from the third floor, the two room window pull, after pulling into the first floor of a storage room. Reporters walked into the corridor, far heard the voice like the current. Mother went to a storage room door was open, a man sitting in front of the computer, and the phone is busy. Behind him, about 10 square meters of space, the iron and the ground, densely stocked with nearly twenty battery. I have a plug board, the door has a seven or eight battery, and outside the corridor of an electric car is an electric charge. "You have so many batteries, all of them charging here?"" Reporters want to know the situation, but the business "busy" he did not bother. From time to time there are owners in the corridor, an owner Zhao Master said: "so full of time saving, to a car without electricity, unloading the battery, charging, and then another battery has been charged."." According to the revised Fire Protection Ordinance of Zhejiang province this year, electric vehicles will be banned and punished in the evacuation corridor, safe exit, parking electric vehicles in stairs, and private electric wires and sockets for charging electric vehicles. For ZTE’s new home this situation, the reporter noted that after the netizen posting complaints, "East Willow Street" quickly replied: "the community has contacted the police to go to the lessee to point out security risks, requiring the lessee to rectify, the other side to cooperate." However, according to the feedback of the users again and the reporter’s on-the-spot knowledge, this situation has not changed. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the East Street Zhongxing community, has been ordered to rectify the deadline, they will supervise the follow-up to deal with the matter.

电线自三楼垂下给20个电瓶充电 储藏室成充电站10平方米的储藏室摆满了正在充电的电瓶。电线从三楼窗口拉出,顺着外墙往下“钻”进了一楼的储藏室里。昨天,网友“明媚的阳光”发帖说,在宁波中兴路上的中兴新家园小区,就有一根这样的电线,实则是从出租房里牵出的充电线路,车棚里是十多个正在或等着充电的电瓶。网友说,三楼住着3个送快餐的小伙子,电线是从这家出租房里拉出来的。“用于给自己和其他小伙伴们电动车(共10辆左右)充电,从白天到晚上一直充个不停,储藏室俨然成了充电站。”昨天下午,记者到现场查看了情况。在32号楼外墙面上,记者发现了一黄一灰两根电线,分别从三楼两个房间里的窗户牵出,之后拉进了一楼的一间储藏室。记者走进了楼道,远远就听到了类似电流的声音。循声走过去,一间储藏室门开着,一名男子坐在电脑前,忙碌地接着电话。在他身后,约10平方米的空间里,铁架和地上,密密麻麻地摆放着近二十个电瓶。铁架上有个电插板,门口也有一个,七八个电瓶和门外走廊里的一辆电动车正充着电。“你们这么多电瓶,全都在这里头充电?”记者欲向对方了解情况,不过,业务“繁忙”的他压根没空理会。走廊里不时有业主进出,一名业主赵师傅说:“这么充着节省时间啊,来辆没电的车,卸下电瓶,充上,再换另一个已经充好的电瓶。”根据今年修订的《浙江省消防条例》,在疏散通道、安全出口、楼梯间停放电动车,以及私拉电线和插座给电动车充电,都将被禁止以及处罚。对于中兴新家园的这一情况,记者注意到,在网友发帖投诉后,“东柳街道”很快就回复说:“社区已联系民警一同前往,向承租人指出安全隐患,要求承租人进行整改,对方表示配合。”不过,根据发帖网友的再次反馈及记者现场见闻看,这一情况目前暂未改观。随后,记者从东柳街道中兴社区了解到,目前已责令对方限期整改,他们将监督跟进此事的处理。相关的主题文章:

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