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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Sig Sauer pistols are among the best choice of weapon for the elite class shooters. In competitive shooting and hunting expeditions, the Sig pistols are high performing weapons that has earned a good commendable position for their durability, accuracy and safety options. The design and ergonomics of these pistols a service gun for the military forces and law enforcement agencies as well. Maintenance of these pistols are also easy and they have a durable body making them ideal to be used in military combat. In adverse weather conditions too, the Sig Sauer pistols serve perfectly well. Advanced functionality and precision are also core values of Sig pistols. The most traditional line of pistols is the Sig Sauer 1911 traditional that is now more than 100 years in service in the US market. This traditional line of pistols is also available in new version keeping intact the traditional accuracy and is known as the 1911. The best of the army pistol was introduced with the name Sig Sauer P210, which was the service gun for the Swiss Army. This is considered as a historic gun with carbon steel slide, nitron coating and highly improved manual safety features. The shooters using the P210 also enjoy internal drop safety, wood grips and side magazine release. It is among the most accurate pistols ever made. The P220 Sig Sauer has around 17 other variants besides the standard model. The guarantee for unfailing accuracy makes it an acclaimed model among the competitive shooters. The elite military personnel around the world prefer using the P220 Combat, P220 Combat TB, P220 Elite Stainless and the P220 scorpion. The best looks in the series is that of the P220 Elite Dark, Classic 22 and the p220 Extreme models. They effectively fire the .45 ACP caliber. Sig Sauer Mosquito is another effective shooting companion mainly used by the target shooters. The Mosquito range is chambered to fire the .22 LR caliber. The various advantages of the Sig Sauer Pistols are their compact size, classic look, blowback system, extended barrel and the tough polymer frame. All the variants in Mosquito series have a unique look and stainless finish for durability. A multi colored frame is seen in the Mosquito Pink Finish, Mosquito Multi Cam, OD Green, Purple and Desert Digital. The Desert Digital is highly used in desert combat. The pistols allow mounting of adjustable sights to increase the radius of target and also have multiple safety devices for absolutely control over the gun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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