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Why does the child admission is sick? The truth is here…… The second week of school, the sugar on the sick, have a fever for several days, still cough, in order to take care of the sugar, my mother didn’t sleep well these days, so the mother group Tucao, how the child just in kindergarten is sick. The results caused a lot of mother’s response, a lot of children are sick after kindergarten. According to a survey of nearly 90% children: there will be a variety of symptoms in the early admission, more than half of the children sick after admission probability increased significantly, of which 44% of the children in the first semester was over 3 times. Why children just park will be easy to get sick? 1 to start the collective life, germs increases the chances of children started kindergarten, kindergarten into many people from a simple family environment began to collective life, contact the chance of bacteria increased accordingly, sick opportunities will naturally increase. 2 kindergarten children fell ill and too little on the child’s parents to care, many children are rarely sick before kindergarten, some even has never been ill. But this is not something to be proud of, because the child is sick of the process is actually the learning process of the immune system, the child will be immune to disease early maturity. If the child before kindergarten is seldom ill, then also said his immune system is not mature enough, the kindergarten after contact with bacteria to increase, but not enough to resist the immunity, are more likely to get sick. 3 children in kindergarten before the living environment is too clean to let children contact with bacteria, some families pay much attention to environmental health, baby supplies, home floor are often used in disinfection, children rarely contact the nature, growing up in such a near aseptic environment, children suffering from allergic diseases will greatly increase the chances of. And other children to the kindergarten, by the complex environment, the child is prone to cough, runny nose and other allergic diseases. 4 children do not have a strong sense of health children to various toys in kindergarten, and children of various body contact, easy access to a variety of bacteria, but not enough health consciousness, the teacher may not be able to improve care for each child, Disease enters by the mouth. is prone to cross infection. 5 separation anxiety affect the immune function of the child’s emotions can also affect health. The children started kindergarten, prone to separation anxiety anxiety, these negative emotions tend to encourage children to drop resistance or gastrointestinal dysfunction, the strange environment will lead to children in kindergarten to feces and urine, stool and urine often hold the situation. Therefore, it is prone to respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases in children started kindergarten, such as colds, tonsillitis, diarrhea, constipation, foot and mouth. Let the children less sick parents need to do 1 "home" schedule consistent at home, children do not sleep at night, the morning is not the phenomenon is very frequent, but once the kindergarten began to have a regular schedule, a child will not accustomed to. Therefore, should be in advance in accordance with the timing of the kindergarten to adjust the children’s work and rest and meal time, after school, even on weekends or holidays should also keep the nursery. 2 develop good health habits: wash your hands frequently! The hand is an important medium for the spread of germs, each of which is large on each hand相关的主题文章:

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