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Advertising You know what glassware is, it is whatever you use that is made of glass in the kitchen. Glasses obviously, along with mugs are all glassware and they form an important part of our lives. Without them, how would we hold our nice cool ice teas on a hot summer day? They are a great thing to have in the home, and surprisingly, they are a great thing to have as part of your plan for marketing to customers as well. Yes, you read that right, marketing to customers can involve glassware, printed glassware to be specific. When you print on glassware, you open up a whole new world of advertising for your .pany. Obviously, the first thing you will need to do is put your .pany name and logo on the glassware, but don’t stop there. One of the most important things for a .pany is customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is incredibly beneficial for a .pany because it gives that .pany the ability to depend on certain customers. A loyal customer will usually always shop with you when they need something you sell. That means they can be worth as much as 10 times what a regular customer is. That is a lot of added revenue for a .pany, and that can mean a lot of extra money .ing in that you can depend on. All this can be created by printed glassware, and here is how. Make a list of your 20 top and most frequent customers and from that list, have 20 printed glassware items done up. With each piece of glassware, make sure that you have the customer’s name printed on it with the words Thanks For Your Business on each glass. Then, the next time each customer .es in you can give them the glass as a way of saying thank you. For you, you get the advertising of your .pany for years on that glass because your .pany logo and name will be on it. For your customer, they get the satisfaction of knowing that your .pany appreciates their business and that will bring them into the .pany again and again. So, for a simple item like printed glassware, you not only get advertising for years in your customer’s home, you also get word-of-mouth advertising, increased business from your loyal customer and more re.mendations from that customer to their friends and family to do business with you. All this for a five dollar glass and a few dollars in printing costs. Not too bad. Printed glassware may seem simple but it is not. It is something that can really help your business and even increase your profits without you having to spend too much money. Why would you go out of your way to spend a lot of money with .mercials and newspaper advertisements when you can spend only a small amount of money and get a lot of money in return from loyal customers who feel appreciated for their business? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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