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Wenbifeng power Ding’an precise poverty   free farmers aloes seedlings people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn local villagers receive high quality seedling aloes people.com.cn Hainan windows on 30 September, September 29th, wenbifeng Pangu culture tourist area of Hainan Province jointly incense industry association, Hong Kong Island heavy incense cooperatives, held ceremony gifts incense seedlings precise poverty in Ding’an County Longzhou incense base, send the value of 150 thousand yuan "in one high quality seedlings for incense xiulong village poor people, and the scene of aloes cultivation technology training. The campaign benefited 300 villagers. In the field, the training of the planting techniques was carried out. It is understood that this activity is the favorable measure for the implementation of the national poverty alleviation work, and also the concrete practice of implementing the "Green Island" action in Hunan province. In recent years, wenbifeng implementation of the province’s "The Belt and Road" bridgehead ", the development of green economy, to create an international island" appeal, make full use of their advantages to actively carry out precise poverty alleviation, send the value of 750 thousand yuan for the poor quality of aloes seedlings, Qiongzhong County people ting. After technical training, the poor farmers make full use of the "five sides" of the roadside water beside the house to grow the incense trees. Under the premise of completely occupying the cultivated land, the poor farmers quickly formed a good situation of every tree and household aroma producing. Wenbifeng Pangu culture tourist area of Hainan Province, deputy general manager, vice president of the association, incense incense industry Planting Expert Mo Zhangfei, incense is Hainan precious local tree species, with beautiful crown evergreen, soil and water conservation special root developed, extremely tenacious vitality, become one of the preferred green seedlings of the environment, and is designated the provincial government as the main species of Green Island ". The aloes seedlings through Biotechnology Research Institute and the Institute of science appraisal, hope that through high quality seedlings and the right technology helping villagers build up the family fortunes. Aloes is a precious Chinese medicinal herb and spice. "Incense Island incense incense has a high success rate, short time, low cost, good quality, and" three Frees and one protection "mode is an important reason for attracting many farmers to choose planting incense island incense." Said the person in charge of planting base. Wu Haixiang, the village committee of Sau long Keng Village, said that through the poverty alleviation campaign, he and his family planted nearly 600 trees in front of the house, and through the technical training and guidance of the experts, the growth of them was very good. Small trees to trees with luxuriant foliage, can achieve well offpoverty a really good day. Ding’an County town official said, Hainan wenbifeng Pangu Culture Tourism District, province incense industry association, island aloes cooperatives, free aloes seedlings, to provide free technical training, to provide free incense made technology, while Bank acquisitions farmers aloes, this is a good thing for the villagers, the villagers will guide the future hard work, scientific cultivation, and ultimately get rich income. (Zhao Rui) (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu) 文笔峰助力定安精准扶贫 沉香苗免费送农民–人民网海南视窗–人民网 当地村民获赠优质沉香种苗 人民网海南视窗9月30日电 9月29日,文笔峰盘古文化旅游区联合海南省沉香产业协会、香岛沉香合作社,在定安县龙州沉香基地举行精准扶贫赠送沉香苗活动仪式,为秀龙坑村困难群众送去价值15万元“尖峰岭壹号”优质沉香种苗,并现场进行沉香种植技术培训。此次活动使300户村民受惠。 现场进行沉香种植技术培训 据了解,此次活动是文笔峰贯彻国家扶贫工作的有利举措,同时也是落实我省“绿化宝岛”行动的具体实践。近年来,文笔峰贯彻落实全省“一带一路”桥头堡、“发展绿色经济,打造国际香岛”的号召,充分利用自身优势积极做好精准扶贫工作,为定安、琼中等市县的贫困群众送去价值75万元的优质沉香种苗。经过技术培训,扶贫农户充分利用房前屋后路边水畔的“五边地”种植沉香,在完全不占用耕地的前提下迅速形成家家有树、户户生香的大好局面。 文笔峰盘古文化旅游区副总经理、海南省沉香产业协会副会长、沉香种植专家莫章飞介绍,沉香是海南珍贵乡土树种,因冠形优美四季常青,发达的根系特别涵养水土,生命力极其顽强,成为绿化环境的首选苗木之一,因而被海南省政府指定为“绿化宝岛”行动主要树种。此次的沉香种苗经过生物技术研究所和科学研究所的鉴定,希望能通过优质种苗和正确的技术帮扶村民发家致富。 沉香是珍贵的中药材和香料。“香岛的沉香结香成功率高、时间短、成本低、品质好,加上“三免一保”的模式,是吸引众多农民选择种植香岛沉香的重要原因。”沉香种植基地负责人说。 秀龙坑村村委会吴海湘说,通过文笔峰每年开展的扶贫送沉香苗活动,他和家人在房前屋后自由地处种植了近600棵的沉香树,通过专家的技术培训和指导,沉香长势非常好。等小树苗长到枝繁叶茂的大树时,真的可以实现脱贫致富奔小康了好日子了。 定安县定城镇负责人表示,文笔峰盘古文化旅游区、海南省沉香产业协会、香岛沉香合作社,免费送沉香种苗、免费提供技术培训、免费提供造香技术,同时保底收购农民种植的沉香,这对村民来说是一件大好事,未来将引导村民辛勤劳作、科学种植,最终实现致富增收。(赵锐) (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章:

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