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[WB]25 on the auspicious square SMG football the same odds: Bei Hongxing Company Abstract: defend the honor of the odds odds combination is not inexhaustible, a specific interval, the odds of the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, historical performance throughout the same odds, can often find some breakthrough. Tony Sassolo star vs game time: 08 months 26 days 02:30 Bay currently Serbia super star ranked first, record 5 wins 1 flat, into 20 ball lost 5 ball, offensive and defensive performance is very prominent. The team nearly 10 war 6 wins 3 flat 1 negative, namely Europa qualifier 0-3 away defeat to Sassolo. Sassolo is currently ranked ninth in the Serie A temporary, the team in the first league away 1 ball victory over Palermo. Nearly 10 war 8 wins 1 flat 1 negative outstanding, only 0-1 in a friendly against celta. The odds are 2.85 3.50 2.40, with the history of lost and found probability is 33%, a probability of 27%, win probability is 40%, the odds that a little at a disadvantage. Horizontal comparison, the two sides had a Games record, that is the first round 3-0 victory Bay star SA thoreau. Looking from the League rankings, Serie A is stronger than Serbia, this season the two teams in the league’s performance is also more convincing. But from the first round of the contest can be seen, Thoreau’s strength is just a little better. From a record, Bei Hongxing nearly 10 5 home court wins 2 flat 3 negative, the Champions League qualifying draw beat Valletta, Bao Chao Lu Doug Des, only in the end of the season and tournament lost 3 games. Sassolo’s 6 wins, 1 draws and 3 defeats, defeats for the last defeat of Juventus and Florence, as well as a friendly match against celta. Taking into account the first round of Sassolo has occupied a larger advantage, the game’s first two sides to shake hands and choose the Red Star home win.相关的主题文章:

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