Versatile Singer Santanu Roy Chowdhury Croons Soulful Rabindrasangeet In Hindi

Music Rabindranath Tagores masterful creations form the heart and soul of Bengali culture. All his wonderful creations are held in the highest regard, not only by Bengalis but by literary enthusiasts all over the world. But what we Bengalis cherish most and regard as Tagores greatest gift to our culture, perhaps, are his enchanting and wonderfully melodious songs, known to the world as Rabindrasangeet. When you have a gift as precious as this, it would be terribly selfish not to share it with the world. And that is exactly what Santanu Roy Chowdhury , a versatile singer in Kolkata, decided to do! Santanu Roy Chowdhury, a singer known for his wonderful depth of voice, brought Tagores songs to an appreciative, nationwide audience when he started singing Rabindrasangeet in Hindi. Already a well-known name in the Indian music industry, Santanu Roy Chowdhury came up with the novel idea of sharing what he loved most with audiences across India. It might have seemed a big risk to many, but it surely paid off! After performing in a host of concerts where he sang Rabindrasangeet in Hindi in front of packed audiences, Santanu Roy Chowdhury decided to implement the concept in an upcoming album. Sa Re Ga Ma brought out Musafir a collection of Rabindrasangeet In Hindi, and it was a big hit! Once the language barrier was broken, there was no looking back this Versatile Singer In Kolkata, Santanu Roy Chowdhury! He became a household name across the country and was showered with praise for playing a big part in popularizing Tagores songs throughout India. It must be said that although Santanu Roy Chowdhury was not the first to experiment with such an idea many before him had tried and failed he was the first to receive both critical and commercial acclaim for his wonderful work. Santanu Roy Chowdhurys wonderful adaptations of Rabindrasangeet in Hindi were featured across many platforms, both in India and internationally, in television programs, stage shows, music concerts and various other programs. It should be noted that the main reason why Santanu Roy Chowdhury succeeded in popularizing Rabindrasangeet in Hindi when many others before him had failed can be attributed to his novel approach towards presenting Tagores songs in a different language without sacrificing the essence or soul of his creations. The singer defined his new take on Rabindrasangeet as Rabindra Geet he choose to translate the feelings and thoughts behind Tagores songs instead of going for a word by word, literal translation. This was done as a conscious effort to preserve the essence of Tagores songs and yet, expanding their reach to a wider, non-Bengali speaking audience. There is no doubt that Rabindrasangeet is an absolute treasure trove of melody and emotion! Language should never stand in the way of one discovering such a treasure. So, even if your mother tongue is Hindi and yet you want to experience the magic of Rabindrasangeet, there is no one whose music will appeal to you more than Santanu Roy Chowdhurys. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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