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Legal If the invention is successful, the inventor should protect it with a Patent. For guidance and assistance seek the help of an attorney. The attorney will first conduct a thorough search to make sure no one else has already patented the invention or idea. A utility patent application protects any new process, manufacture, machine or any useful improvement thereof. The first step towards obtaining a utility patent is to mark your invention as "Patent Pending". This can only be done if you file for a Provisional Utility Application. You have a year thereafter to file for a Non-Provisional Application. In this time, you can test the relevance and build up interest for your invention or raise capital. A Provisional Application should be drafted with the same level of concern similar to that of a Non-Provisional. Taking it lightly or on par with a disclosure document is the biggest mistake you can make. This is because on conversion from Provisional to Non-Provisional, all the documents should fully support the earlier filed Provisional Application. The process of filing for an online patent application is easy and simple. You will start by creating a secure account. Then a few questions will be asked on your creation. This is necessary so that attorneys fully understand the invention. After conducting an online search the attorneys prepare all the documents for filing. Before filing the documents, it is sent to the inventor for review. Once all the documents are according to the inventor’s satisfaction the documents are filed. There are several advantages of filing a Non-Provisional Application. Your work or invention is protected for a term of 17-18 years. These days it’s necessary to guard the uniqueness of the idea since .petition in every field is stiff. Only the inventor has the authority to make money of the invention. The main aim of attorneys is to protect your idea, product or creation. Few other services offered by the US attorneys include international applications, non-disclosure agreements, copyrights and trademarks. A great way to protect your invention outside the country is by filing for an international application. Non-disclosure agreements can be tailored to your specific needs just in case you present your invention to prospective clients. Copyright gives exclusive rights to the creator. A word of caution, document for a copyright is easy to prepare but can be flawed if it is prepared by amateurs. Protect the name of your product or .pany with a trademark. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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