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College remediation measures will be implemented in six that the academic misconduct class academic misconduct – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing August 29th new media news: September university academic misconduct from the implementation of remediation measures to curb fraud and create? Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Mengjia "Chinese network in September 1st," university academic misconduct prevention and management measures "(hereinafter referred to as the rules) will be formally implemented in Colleges and universities across the country. This is the Ministry of education for the first time in the form of departmental rules on the prevention and treatment of academic misconduct in Colleges and universities, by social concern. This "sword" action, can curb academic fraud problem, creating the academic environment delicate gas is worth looking forward to. The prevention of discipline and academic misconduct, identified six kinds of reporter found out, the Ministry of Education issued the measures, from education and prevention, acceptance and investigation, identification, treatment, review and supervision of the system design, overall has three highlights. One bright spot: clear the main provisions is prevention and treatment measures of academic misconduct in Colleges and universities should build a set of education, prevention, supervision and punishment in one of the academic credit system established by the main person in charge of the leadership style construction work mechanism, and improve the procedures of prevention and treatment of academic misconduct in the school rules. It is necessary to give full play to the role of the academic committee in the construction of the study style, support and guarantee the academic committee to perform its duties in accordance with the law, investigate and identify academic misconduct. Highlight two: a sound education and prevention system, the first mention of establish academic integrity records to set up a special chapter of "education and prevention, education and training to carry out the requirements of academic norms and academic integrity in Colleges and universities, improve the intellectual property query system and the academic standard of supervision mechanism, also points out that the university should follow the" academic research the establishment of rules and measures the academic level of evaluation standard and scientific guidance, teaching and research staff and students studying the establishment of teaching and research staff of academic integrity records, strengthening the academic integrity assessment in the annual assessment, job classification, job recruitment, project establishment, personnel planning, appraised incentives in". Highlight three: identify six types of academic misconduct measures will be six types of behavior as academic misconduct, including plagiarism, plagiarism, embezzlement of academic achievements; with other research; scientific data, information, forgery of documents, notes or fabricating facts, fabricating false results; did not participate in the research or creative in research, academic the signature; sale by others to write papers, or for others to write papers. In violation of other rules formulated by universities or academic organizations, scientific research institutions, academic misconduct. On the way, the provisions of college should be combined with the behavior of the nature and seriousness of the responsibility of handling people, including criticism, termination or cancellation of scientific research projects, academic award honorary title, or revoke the dismissal or dismissal. In addition, also stipulated the objection and review procedures, to ensure that "not vain do not vertical". Fake lvjinbujue, dealt with the difficulties it is understood, for academic misconduct, the Ministry of education in recent years has issued "on the treatment of serious academic misconduct notice" "dissertation fraud at.相关的主题文章:

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