U.S. media said Japan should buy F35 fighters have an overwhelming advantage of Chinese missile-candy candy

U.S. media said Japan should buy F35 fighters to Chinese missile overwhelming F35 fighters from the development of domestic stealth fighters to build a helicopter carrier, according to Japan’s recent military action to Chinese. However, these plans were thrown cold water by the defense news of america. "Defense news" 14, entitled "facing cash strapped Japanese air self defense force challenging choice" reported that recently appeared in Japan called a whoop and a holler a fifth generation fighter "mind", seems to give the Japanese air self defense force provides a more effective approach to improve combat effectiveness, but that is not the case. American experts believe that the threat to Japan is not Chinese fighter planes, but thousands of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. So buying F-35 or upgrading F-15 is the most logical choice for the SDF, which has an overwhelming advantage over cruise missiles. With this in mind, Japan and the United States jointly modified projects to share costs, reduce risks and increase the versatility of the two armies. Furthermore, Japan should stop all investment in the development of aircraft that are not available in the United states. "It makes the mind stealth fighter seem more and more like an unwanted toy," analysts say. Meiji Japan Institute of international affairs visiting scholar of Olympic village run questioned said: "even if" mind "can develop into a" poor stealth fighter ", the United States and Europe are interested in cooperation with Japan to develop? Will India and Australia be interested in buying?" American Avascent international CEO Steven · Ganyad said that Japan should not develop any ‘poor’ weapons and equipment, that is only a waste of money, but also make their countries more vulnerable. Japan’s plans to own an aircraft carrier have also been questioned. "Defense news" said, in Japan a few years ago had considered buying the F-35B fighter, the lift can be used with F-35B installed in Izumo class helicopter carrier. But Okumura Jun thinks, "for the Japanese self defense forces, F-35B is a luxury object, we can not afford.". Aircraft carriers need a large number of escort ships. So unless it stays in the South China Sea, or the US Japan alliance is broken, I think we should forget about that." Another expert Abulafia also believes that with the fixed wing aircraft carrier sound is to strengthen the power projection and display a good way of military presence, but the problem is that Japan can not afford. "Maintain a military presence in the South China Sea cost is too high; maintain a carrier battle group will make the situation worse, unless Japan is willing to increase military spending billions of dollars…… In fact, the purchase of 17 aircraft V-22 Osprey aircraft almost let Japan bear." * (Wang Haifeng)

美媒称日本应买F35战机 对中国导弹有压倒性优势 F35战机   从研制国产隐形战机到建造直升机航母,日本最近针对中国的军事动作不断。然而这些计划却被美国《防务新闻》当头泼了一盆冷水。   《防务新闻》14日在题为《囊中羞涩的日本航空自卫队面临具有挑战性的选择》的报道中说,最近日本大肆宣传所谓第五代战机“心神”的出现,似乎给日本航空自卫队提供了更有效提高战斗力的途径,但事实并非如此。美国专家认为,威胁日本的不是中国战斗机,而是数以千计的巡航导弹和弹道导弹。因此购买F-35或升级F-15是自卫队最合乎逻辑的选择,它们在对抗巡航导弹时具有压倒优势。考虑到这一点,日本和美国联合进行改装项目可以分摊成本、降低风险和增加两军的通用性。更进一步说,日本应该停止所有和美国不具备通用性的飞机的开发投资。   “这让‘心神’隐形战机看来越来越像是一个多余的玩具”,分析家们这样认为。日本明治学院国际事务系访问学者奥村润质疑说:“即使‘心神’能发展成一种‘穷人的隐形战机’,美欧有兴趣与日本合作开发吗?印度、澳大利亚会有兴趣购买吗?”美国Avascent国际公司总裁斯蒂文·冈亚德说,日本不应当发展任何‘穷人’的武器装备,那样只能是浪费钱,而且让他们的国家更易受攻击。   日本拥有航母的计划也遭到质疑。《防务新闻》说,日本几年前就曾考虑购买F-35B战斗机,还在“出云”级直升机母舰上安装可供F-35B使用的升降机。不过奥村润认为,“对于日本自卫队来说,F-35B是奢侈的物件,我们追求不起。航母需要大量护航舰艇。所以除非要在南海维持存在,或者美日联盟破裂,我认为我们应该忘记这件事。”   另一名专家阿布拉菲亚也认为,拥有固定翼飞机的航母听起来是加强军力投送、显示军力存在的好办法,但问题是日本负担不起。“维持在南海的军事存在的成本太高了;维持一支航母战斗群则会让情况变得更糟,除非日本愿意增加几十亿美元的军事开支……其实采购17架V-22‘鱼鹰’新式飞机就几乎让日本承受不起了。”▲ (王海峰)相关的主题文章:

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