Two people gathered in Enshi drug drug trafficking was executed-noiseware

Two people gathered in Enshi drug drug trafficking was executed for profiteering, people gathered together to create and sell drugs, causing great harm to the society. In September 28th, after the approval of the Supreme People’s court, the state intermediate people’s court executed the death penalty to criminals He Huaming and Song Darong in accordance with the law in Lichuan. The court found that, during the end of 2009 to February 2012, He Huaming from Sichuan city of Chengdu province to buy methamphetamine (ice) back to Lichuan city to be sold, and together with Song Darong and others to buy ephedrine and reagent ingredients, from Chengdu City, in the city of Lichuan and the formation of manufacturing methamphetamine trafficking, led by He Huaming, drug manufacturing, drug gangs. The methamphetamine bought and made was sold to Shanghai, Zhejiang and Wuhan, Lichuan, Jianshi and other places by He Huaming and its gang members, which seriously harmed the social management order. By February 19, 2012, He Huaming and Song Darong had made 5268.5 grams of methamphetamine and 2269 grams of semi-finished products of methamphetamine 5737.87 grams, totaling 7537.5 grams of methamphetamine. The court held that He Huaming, Song Darong and other people illegally made methamphetamine, He Huaming alone or in conjunction with others illegal sale of methamphetamine, He Huaming’s behavior constitutes trafficking and manufacturing of drugs, Song Darong’s behavior constitutes the crime of manufacturing drugs. Because of the large number of involved cases, bad circumstances, great social harmfulness and extremely serious crimes, all of them should be punished in accordance with the law. Two people gathered more than co defendants involved in the manufacture and sale of drugs, formed a relatively fixed trafficking and manufacturing of drugs, organized crime, crime group, and He Huaming is the first molecular organization, leading the crime syndicate, shall be punished in accordance with all the crimes committed by the group. In the joint crime of drug manufacture, song Da Rong plays a major role and is a principal offender, and the crime is outstanding, and should be punished according to all the crimes involved. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Chinese criminal law, He Huaming and Song Darong were sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscation of all personal property. According to the Supreme People’s court’s order, the state intermediate court executed the death penalty to the criminals He Huaming and Song Darong according to law in Lichuan.

恩施两毒枭纠集多人制毒贩毒被执行死刑   为牟取暴利,纠集多人共同制造、贩卖毒品,给社会造成极大危害。9月28日,经最高人民法院核准,州中级人民法院在利川依法对罪犯何华明、宋大荣执行死刑。   法院审理查明,2009年底至2012年2月期间,何华明从四川省成都市购买甲基苯丙胺(冰毒)回利川市予以贩卖,并伙同宋大荣等人从成都市购买麻黄碱及配料、试剂等,在利川市制造冰毒并贩卖,形成了以何华明为首的制毒、贩毒团伙。所购买和制造的冰毒,被何华明及其团伙成员贩卖到上海、浙江及武汉、利川、建始等地,严重危害了社会管理秩序。至2012年2月19日,何华明、宋大荣等人先后多次制造甲基苯丙胺5268.5克、甲基苯丙胺半成品2269克,共计7537.5克;累计贩卖甲基苯丙胺5737.87克。   法院审理认为,何华明、宋大荣伙同他人非法制造甲基苯丙胺,何华明还单独或伙同他人非法销售甲基苯丙胺,何华明的行为构成贩卖、制造毒品罪,宋大荣的行为构成制造毒品罪。涉案数量大,犯罪情节恶劣,社会危害性大,罪行极其严重,均应依法惩处。   二人纠集同案多名被告人参与制造、销售毒品,组成了较为固定的贩卖、制造毒品犯罪组织,系犯罪集团,且何华明是组织、领导该犯罪集团的首要分子,应当按照该集团所犯的全部罪行处罚。在制造毒品共同犯罪中,宋大荣起主要作用,系主犯,且罪责突出,应当按照其参与的全部犯罪进行处罚。   依照我国刑法有关规定,判处何华明、宋大荣死刑,剥夺政治权利终身,并处没收个人全部财产。根据最高人民法院命令,州中院依法在利川对罪犯何华明、宋大荣执行死刑。相关的主题文章:

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