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A girl friends almost raped also cheated to Nanjing both girls aged 18 this is similar to tourism and dating male friends, only to encounter a series of thrilling: first is almost raped users after being male, from Qingdao abduction to nanjing. Fortunately, two people fled after the wit, with the help of the police returned home. September 13th night at about 10:30, Nanjing Jiangning Public Security Bureau, Jiangning police station received a foreign girl alarm, said he and a friend was lured to Nanjing to return home. According to the police the girl, her surname, Yang, Henan, a 18 year old school in Hebei province. A few days ago, she and a friend went to Qingdao tourism, but also about two male friends meet, which know there will be a next encounter. Xiao Yang told the police that he and his companions to Qingdao, met with two male friends about. "When the evening meal, they keep pouring wine, also said to go to the hotel room." In the hotel to settle down after that night, two male friends frequently come knocking at the door. "My friend ran away, they want to put your hands on me." Xiao Yang cried and told police that he was beaten each other, but peer called the hotel waiter, before leaving the two men. The second day in the morning, Xiao Yang and his companions to return to Henan, two male friends say they drive them. "The thought that you can save money, which I know is on the car thief." To Nanjing, Yang and his companions above the toilet on the ground to run away, because penniless, had to report to the police. After investigation and verification, Jiangning police station found that Yang said the hotel has occurred in two men, but have never been heard of since the other party has. The afternoon of September 14th, the police Yang and her companion to send a train back to Henan. (Mr. Wang clues costs 50 yuan) ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou

两个女孩约会网友差点遭强暴 还被骗到南京   两个18岁少女本是相约旅游并约会男网友,不料遭遇一系列惊心动魄:先是差点遭男网友强暴,之后又从青岛被“拐带”到南京。所幸,两人机智地逃离,后在民警的帮助下顺利返家。   9月13日深夜10点半左右,南京江宁公安分局江宁派出所接到一外地女孩报警,称自己和朋友被人骗到南京,回不了家。据报警女孩介绍,自己姓杨,河南人,今年18岁,在河北某地上学。几天前,她和朋友一起去青岛旅游,还约了两个男网友见面,哪知道会有接下来的一番遭遇。   小杨告诉民警,自己和同伴到了青岛后,如约和两个男网友见面。“晚上吃饭的时候,他们一直灌我酒,还总说要去宾馆开房间。”当晚在宾馆安顿下来后,两个男网友频频来敲门。“我朋友跑掉了,他们就想对我动手动脚。”小杨哭着告诉民警,自己遭到对方的殴打,好在同伴叫来宾馆服务员,两名男子才离开。   第二天早上,小杨和同伴准备回河南,两个男网友却称开车送她们。“本以为可以省钱,哪知道是上了贼车。”到了南京后,小杨和同伴以上厕所为由跑掉,由于身无分文,不得不报警求助。   经过调查核实,江宁派出所民警发现小杨所说的宾馆确实出现过两名男子,不过对方已经不知所终。9月14日下午,警方将小杨和她的同伴送上回河南的火车。(王先生线索费50元)   现代快报 ZAKER南京记者   陶维洲相关的主题文章:

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