To the 2017 Hebei 39 counties children will enjoy subsidies every day mia farrow

To the 2017 Hebei 39 counties children will enjoy subsidies every day learned from the Ministry of education, this year to start the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan to expand the pilot work, in 2017 to achieve the nutrition improvement plan national poverty counties full coverage. Recently, the Ministry of education, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "on the further expansion of the scope of the pilot plan to improve student nutrition of local implementation of the national poverty counties full coverage of the opinions" pointed out that the implementation of the national poverty counties full coverage of nutrition improvement program, the focus is to implement precise poverty, playing an important measure of poverty alleviation to win the war. Opinions stressed the need for local pilot funds into the local budget guarantee, the central government will be based on the previous year’s local financial investment, organization and management, the implementation of the results and other factors to give incentives. To co-ordinate the renovation of the school building long-term mechanism, the transformation of weak schools, schools and other compulsory education projects and funds, the new expansion of a number of school canteens, catering to meet the needs of students. In terms of food safety, the views put forward to establish and improve school food safety management system, strengthen the whole process of production, processing and distribution of nutritional meals for students such as supervision, to ensure that no food safety accident. It is understood that since the 2011 fall semester, the country started the rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan pilot work in concentrated special difficult areas. Students provide nutrition meal allowance of central finance for rural compulsory education stage pilot area, the standard is 3 yuan per day (the year calculated in accordance with students’ school time 200 days), total funds required by the central government to bear. The list of national poverty alleviation and development work focused on the county issued a list of Hebei county are as follows: 39, Xingtang County and Lingshou County, Zanhuang County, Pingshan County, Qinglong County, Lincheng County, Weixian, Daming County, Julu County, New River County, Guangzong County, Pingxiang County, Weixian County, Tangxian County, Fuping County, Laiyuan County, Shunping County, Zhangbei County Kangbao County, Guyuan County, Shangyi County, Weixian County, Yangyuan County, Huai’an County, Chicheng County, Chongli County, Wanquan County, Pingquan County, Luanping County, Longhua County, Fengning County, Weichang County, Haixing County, Yanshan County, Nanpi County, Wuyi County, Wuqiang County, Raoyang County, Fucheng county (Zhuolu County, Zhao Jia Peng District) according to the Hebei News Network相关的主题文章:

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