Tin Drum the Nazi party in Germany, the mass Carnival cosmax

"The tin drum": the German Nazi Party rallies, the Carnival "the tin drum" from Volcker · schlandorff; "the tin drum", 1979 rated 313rd period, from the moment of "the tin drum", in Danzig, the Nazi Party rally, the protagonist Oscar secretly knocked up his tin drum, the rhythm with crooked the Nazi marching band to perform the blue The Danube rally have danced. The solemn assembly became a mess. This moment, the German officials of the Nazi hand is still, but the sight of the whole mess. This is certainly false, as the story of the film. Oscar from the age of 3, he refused to grow up, he has two skills: one is the drums of outstanding technology, two is to shatter glass scream. Because he will not grow up, he will walk away from time, will always be a child. The rise of Nazi Germany, the outbreak of war, he became an officer. Oscar’s mother and two fathers died, and the war was over. "The tin drum" stills "Danzig" is the name of a piece of land, in the history of Germany, Poland, it is contested. Oscar ‘s mother was a symbol of Ze, who was deeply in love with the poles and married the germans. Oscar is the son of ze. "The tin drum" adapted from Gunter · Glass "Danzig Trilogy" of the novel of the same name, won the Oscar Award for best foreign language film. "The tin drum".相关的主题文章:

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