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Self-Improvement When you struggle with time management techniques recognize the underlying cause of your problem is your goals and your integrity with yourself. When you catch yourself constantly changing direction throughout the day, reacting and responding to every interruption, and spending a lot of time on low value activities understand that you need to get to the real source of your problems before things will get better. When you make these mistakes they cost you precious time and keep you trapped in a time deficit nightmare. You don’t change directions throughout the day because you enjoy the extra stress and tension and like to waste a lot of time and energy. You do it because you haven’t taken the time to develop a detailed plan for what you’re trying to accomplish and how you would do that. You have a general idea of what you want, but you lack the specific actions required to get that and so you don’t know what you really should be doing next. When you respond immediately to other people and circumstances you are choosing to allow these people and circumstance to control your destiny. Responding reactively keeps you from following your plan, so your really following someone else’s plan or no plan at all. You can’t get what you want when you don’t have a plan and you allow other people and circumstances to change your plans based on their wants and needs. If you aren’t careful you can waste away entire days on non-productive low value things because it keeps you busy and makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere when you really aren’t. You allow yourself to get side tracked on these low value activities for the very reason that you feel like you’re getting somewhere and doing something important. But the important work is the work that you get paid to do so you have to hold yourself accountable for productivity so you get the actual results you need to get. You have to set goals for accomplishing your objectives. The goals you set must include the specific actions you will take that will get you that goal. Complete each action and then quickly move to the next action. Approaching your work this way will not only increase your productivity, but it increases the amount of free time you because you’re accomplishing more in less time. When you don’t hold yourself accountable for actually taking the actions, and you allow yourself to make excuses for not doing what you know you need to do you’re out of integrity with yourself. If you do this often enough it becomes even harder to get things done and maintain integrity with yourself. Each time you plan an action step your mind is going back to all the times when you said you would do something and didn’t and your internal thoughts are telling you that you won’t do it this time either. Those negative thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Without a clear focus you go off on wild goose chases not realizing they are wild goose chases. But you can’t focus when you don’t have a clear plan. And without a clear plan you can’t know what your next actions should be and what the right actions are, and consequently you avoiding taking any action in fear that it will be the wrong action. You have poor time management skills because you have a poor time management mindset. You make excuses for yourself or place blame rather than accepting that it’s always your decision to take action or avoid action. Start working on changing your mindset so you can become a time efficient person. That means that you will need to become a person who follows their plan and who takes action. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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