Tian Liang sun shine birthday sister rush candle blowing Ye Yiqian’s spotlight verbal jint

Tian Liang sun shine: birthday sister rush candle blowing Ye Yiqian’s spotlight with a family of four candle Phoenix Entertainment News August 27th is Tian Liang’s 37 birthday, on the morning of 28, just after the birthday of Tian Liang at micro-blog drying out of a group of birthday photos, and with the text said: "it is a year of 18 birthday, moved every year to remember my birthday to you, thank you to accompany me every year! Every year birthday sentiment is different, the two baby grabbed the level of candles blowing up again, I think I will say goodbye to their own after the blow…… Love you yo". Relatives and friends gathered, as Tian Liang’s birthday photos, many relatives and friends attended the birthday party, but most to steal the spotlight or photo of a family of four, Tian Liang couple with a son, Sen dish stood four, blow out the candles together, lively and warm. After seeing the friends, but also for this happy family of four points praise, and sent a birthday blessing: happy birthday! Mori Tami Sen, brother handsome, love you one family "," two beautiful baby can now help you blow out the candles, in the near future will help you carry more and sissy". Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian also show affection, in a photo of Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian’s photo, the couple hugged and laughed, but the focus is the body of Ye Yiqian, she seems to have some fat, loose clothing, people can not help but doubt the belly came the good news: "why do I feel and Sen dish" and "a Ye Yiqian was pregnant again feeling", "figure thought had third fetal".相关的主题文章:

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