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Health Energy healing therapies help a diverse range of physical problems, in addition they can be used to improve the life of clients with emotional difficulties. We all experience times when we keep our emotions in check; hiding away any feelings we may have. Perhaps due to fears on how our emotions will be received – keeping a ‘stiff upper lip’ as it were. Anger, frustration, there are any number of negative emotions which we cannot express in a constructive way. It could be we have relationship issues that we cannot face up to or are afraid if we bring them out into the open the words will .e out wrong, hurting our partner. The problem is that the emotions don’t disappear when we stuff them down – they are still lurking beneath the surface. Emotions are energy, just like everything else in the universe, and the natural state is for energy to be constantly moving, flowing, without restriction. When we refuse to give expression to our feelings we are preventing the natural flow of that energy. This behaviour routine, a habit we rely on, so much so, we don’t even know we’re doing it. Each and every one of us can recall a time when something minor has happened and yet we have reacted out of all proportion to what has happened. This is when the bottled up emotions have struck back, demanding to be heard. Like a volcano when it finally blows. In cases of suppressed energy, Reiki and Quantum Touch energy healing sessions may help restore the normal flow of energy, giving the emotions a chance to be released. During the course of these sessions a client may encounter periods of crying. This is the supressed energy emerging and flowing out. This can sometimes lead to a moment of lucidity – where they suddenly realise the precise problem that has caused the energy blockage. I will continue to support the client after such an emotional release, continuing to channel healing through their body. This will help to restore the natural flow of energies in their body. This quite often leads to the client falling asleep, not waking up till the session is finished; feeling so refreshed and relaxed that they don’t want to get up off the treatment couch! In today’s society articulating emotions, say through crying, is often perceived in a negative way. But in the healing fraternity it is something to be cherished; when a client emotional it is a sign that our goal has been achieved, the negativity has been released. This leaves the client with a feeling of peace, lightness, the ability to move on positively – no more waiting for that second shoe to drop. The advantage of a healing session is that things that used to easily set off and emotional outburst, no longer have the same power over us as the emotional energy has been released. If we find ourselves using others as an emotional punchbag, it may be a sign that we need to take stock of our life as it has somehow be.e out of kilter – that we have an underlying problem that needs to be solved to restore our sense of inner harmony. It is time to find a quiet spot and contemplate on what may have gone wrong, perhaps seeking the help of an experienced therapist to act as our guide. At Origin Psychic the staff are dedicated and caring group of people whose aim is to assist you on the journey back to a life of harmony and balance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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