The wounded man was hit and run for give the child a chance to live again 9c8921

The wounded man was hit and run for "give your children a chance to live again" Ji’nan daily news (reporter Zhang Shu) in the "7.24 accident accident", the driver Wang repeatedly stressed that he is afraid of the correct escape. However, the reporter learned that the old man was injured in that Wang arrested after the news, Wang did not imagine the behavior, but also to the police and pleaded: "give the child a chance to live again." Video display, several people witnessed the incident on the road, but no one stopped Wang reporter learned that knocked 72 years old this year, identified by the hospital, injuries to the facial contusion, soft tissue contusion and concussion, after a period of treatment have been discharged. Police handling the entire process, the police often through WeChat and the elderly to communicate the progress of the case. Because the suspect to evade legal responsibility repeatedly transfer in the escape process of transportation, and will face covered with a coat, leaving only half a vague facial features, this is also the hands of the police only clue, the difficulty of detection like look for a needle in the ocean. When the old man learned that the police encountered a bottleneck in the case, many times to the police: "forget it, do not check, and I love you dearly." Later, the case broke, the first time the police knocked the old man told Wang found. The old man heard it to the police and pleaded: "give the child a chance to live again, don’t put the child a ruined." The old man does not know the original, Wang repeatedly said he was afraid the elderly escape is false money, just wanted something much so big, so Wang worry about excessive psychological pressure. Later, when Wang to recover, knocked the old man is not a penny more, only to the medical expenses. A king had been out looking for a variety of reasons to shirk responsibility, that the old man move after crying, "I know I’m wrong. Such a good old man, really sorry." The police sound "if someone had a helping hand, perhaps will not have the 77 day" yesterday, in the case, the police once lamented, several people witnessed the incident on the road, but no one will Wang stopped, "if someone had a helping hand, perhaps will not have this 77 day and night." Reporters at the scene to see the surveillance video, 6:33 when the old man was knocked down, there are three people witnessed the whole process. One is from the bus off the young woman, a black man riding electric cars passing along with other vehicles and knocked the old man another old man. See someone knocked up, first ran the car is old, she also has been sitting there to take care of the wounded. The young woman turned and left, and never looked back. The black man riding electric cars parked in the not far from the old man, has been quietly watching, until Wang and Zhao fled the scene after he was riding the electric car around the old man, went away. In the meantime, the incident also passed a lot of 6 passers-by, of which 4 people riding an electric car, a person riding a bicycle, a person walking, have seen the scene of the perpetrators wang. But the young woman went walking beside the injured and make the alarm call, the other 5 were chose to bypass. Shu相关的主题文章:

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