The world’s best horse race rankings announced the United States, California, the highest horse shin

The world’s best horse rankings released American horse shining California topped the "shining California California CR * ‘CaliforniaChrome newsletter yesterday (October 13th), international racing Alliance (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, IFHA) announced the Longines the world’s best racing ranking (LONGINES World s Best Racehorse Rankings", WBRR). The time range is from January 1, 2016 to October 9th, the selected horses are limited to three years of age and over the age of three, the list contains the top 33. But because there are many horses the same points, so a total of 40 horses finalists. In this list, "George Medal" (Order Of St George) to return to the list, "Idaho" (Idaho) under the table. First: "shining California California CR * ‘CaliforniaChrome, second American horse:" Rong Jin light ", A Shin Hikari, the Japanese horse figure Equidia" Rong Jin light "second:" * Arrogate, the dog in the manger "martu Coglianese Photos," a dog in the manger *’ the top 7 are: 1- "California California Chrome, Cr * ‘133 2-‘ Rong into light ‘A Shin Hikari’ 2-, 129 * Arrogate, 129 dog in the manger ‘4-‘ Almanzor, 127 militant ‘4-‘ cloud fairy ‘Winx, 127’ 6- 126 Frost ‘Frosted, 7-‘ full of music." Maurice, 7- ‘124 minutes later by’ Postponed, 124 ‘7- moon Trinidad’ Werther, with 124 points the following list, click visible Big picture, it is recommended to download to view the phone. WBRR routing category: S = 1000-1300 = I = M m 1301-1899 m 1900-2100 m 2101-2700 m L = E = 2701 m above sex: C = Colt H = male horse under the age of five Horse five years old and above five years old male horse F = Filly M = Mare under the age of five females aged five years and over five years old female G R = Ridgeling = Gelding gelding cryptorchidism (refers to one side or two sides of the testes were not to scrotal male horse) [note] horses, horse owner, trainer, jockey)相关的主题文章:

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