The Taiwan military veterans on Pension Reform self esteem has been exhausted in the new network

The Taiwan military veterans on Pension Reform: self esteem has been exhausted in Beijing – kill the populist Chinese Taiwan network November 11th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the office of Cai Yingwen "pension reform committee" 10 held on the last meeting, "Commission" Committee for Taiwan army pension has been part of the consensus, said to be alone the design, by the Taiwan authorities, the defense department in charge of planning. In this regard, the Taiwan Veterans Association said on behalf of Ye Yisheng, self esteem and honor Taiwan military sense has already been exhausted populist. Ye Yisheng said, now the social atmosphere has become "something military, soldiers have nothing to do", the Taiwan authorities have been saying "foreign double fat cats", ignoring the veterans of old age security, self-esteem and sense of honor the military had been exhausted populist. For veterans’ rights, Ye Yisheng at the meeting stressed that any reform should conform with emotion, reason and law, the government pension system, set the premium standard, is a hand operated by the authorities, since the pension fund losses, years of neglect of professional work, now to the insured pay more or less, delayed return also, by the society constantly lambasting the "double pay cats, this is ignoring the fact that. Ye Yisheng, for example, a retired fellow at the age of 43 young when in accordance with the provisions of discharge, monthly retirement pension of 40 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), not easy to find work as an executive in a private school in New Taipei City, salary 25 thousand yuan, but a 94 year old father with 6 children, 30 Ping (1 Ping is about 3.3 square meters) big house squeeze 10 people, a monthly expenditure of 9 yuan to 100 thousand yuan, the family burden. Ye Yisheng said, the Commission has held 20 annual meeting, deputy convener Lin has sent a message to the outside after the meeting, the retired military and government paid a "double", "intends to change the legal nonretroactive" universal values, ignore the economic security of veterans, ignoring the people’s right to subsistence and the right to work, to the current the social atmosphere, the serviceman heart feel? Self esteem and honor the military sense, populism and political battles have already been exhausted. The defense department in charge of the Taiwan authorities on behalf of Li Ximing stressed that the military occupation characteristic is different, the Taiwan authorities stand in the defense department in charge of position, take care of you is. The premise of the pension reform must be taken into account in Taiwan, security forces and stability, and existing in the interests of fairness. Soldiers should get some of the benefits, to stay in the army, dedicated to Taiwan dedication, sacrifice. Chen Jianren also said, according to the military retirement pension, the competent department of defense Taiwan authorities are planning, independent military retirement system, specific programs will be in the next partition discussion with the National Conference that. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章:

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