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The "star chef" Jinhaihu tour Sha Baoliang apprentice insurance collapse – Sohu   entertainment; Hu Sha Po physical entertainment news in the Sohu team win tonight’s "Star kitchen assembly" in the absence of the program, adorable uncle Jiang Wu, attended by the first episode guest "old monitor" Jiantao Hong on behalf of the class, more strength to sing Sha Baoliang as the during the Deputy chef, Jiantao Hong, Sha Baoliang, Zang Hongna composed by the new combination of "big sword" against An Hu, Chen Jia, Cheng Ye ball team?! The dining car with Kaka star kitchen who came to Beijing Pinggu District Jinhaihu scenic area. Jinhaihu is Beijing’s largest comprehensive water area water entertainment, is currently the municipal scenic area and municipal tourism resort. Jinhaihu three mountains, which rise amid pinnacle, beautiful scenery. Here, we will open star kitchen leisure vacation tour coach. The two teams compete, win in team physical Sha Po Hu Jinhaihu dam before the two teams compete for the master clues to start the competition! Physical fight, fight, fight, fight Yan luck Monopoly game hurdles, the first to the captain when Jiantao Hong Alexander, Sha Po as "sword" in the combination of physical play, in the first round defeat to monitor palm games in Hong, Sha Baoliang gave Hu Hu teams of the Changan fatal blow, will knock down, and Cheng Ye in battle, defeated, in the new "sword" in the combination of physical play become fully deserve! "Sword" team for the master, the collective collapse last round of the game, "sword" team all the way to win with good physical strength, good luck, get a good tool for boating, and get a clue card "cattle chef table", and the An Hu team due to failure again and again haven’t got a clue can only open for the blind in the model, the next two teams find chefs in the process of Hu team reverse becomes very smooth, "sword" combination has embarked on a difficult road to find the master, after making fancy cut tofu, egg yolk and many test, finally ended in failure, and did not find really the most cattle chef, Sha Baoliang for the apprentice soulful singing classic songs "hidden". In spite of all false teachers, "sword" combination "fell collective". Sha Baoliang Zang Hongna of the Falklands apprentice, the force field ignition Hu team successfully managed to find the real master apprentice, and "sword" combination because the task failure finally exiled to the island to find the master task, the big sword combination on a fantastic journey in the Falklands, Jinhai Lake hermit who the King appeared, Zang Hongna became flesh blower, ignition field field force, let the sad big sword combined taste Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, whose team enjoy the whole fish feast in the romantic sky, more super five star luxury hotel waiting for the big sword, combination overnight after dinner apron in the sleeping bag, days are, for the bed, waiting for war is coming tomorrow! This Sunday southeast TV late 20:30 please pay attention to the "Star kitchen assembly" new combination, once again feel the stars of the dream of the kitchen!相关的主题文章:

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