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The site owner to become drug addiction in a purchase with frequent travel lovers accidentally addicted, in order to raise drug money, he is not five to three driving as an excuse to take lover to buy foreign drugs, and sold to make the difference. 23, the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade after long-term surveillance after successfully arrested two drug trafficking suspects. In mid June this year, the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade received a public report, a long-term residence in the city of Danjiangkou in the field of man suspected of drug trafficking. After investigation we found that the man surnamed Kang do the engineering construction in the construction site, the living conditions of well-to-do, name and car, usually also very dutiful." Police investigators said they found a 37 year old woman Zhang Kang side, two people have their own families, but the long-term living together, and every 10 days or so, Kang would take Zhang go by car, they tell the neighbors to travel. Frequent driving to alert police. After the investigation we found that they actually drove to Xiangyang city to buy drugs." Police investigators said. 23 morning, the police entered the room check account under the guise of Kang living, Kang and Zhang control, and the scene seized more than 60 grams of methamphetamine. Then the police according to the clues, in all State Road office area will process suspects suspected of drug dealing, drug offenders arrested Wang and Chen, and from a residence and seized 12.63 grams of methamphetamine. According to Kang explained, at the beginning of this year because of work pressure, he and Zhang drug, with more and more money of drug consumption, where he embarked on the road to keep traders suck. Kang to the field every time after the purchase of drugs, a part for him and taking a part for the sale of Zhang, Cheng, et al. The drug was bought from his hands. At present, Kang and Zhang suspicion of the crime of drug trafficking, the process of a suspicion of the crime of illegal possession of drugs was detained, Wang and Chen administrative detention because of drug addiction, which Wang had a history of drug abuse, the police intend to apply for compulsory treatment for the. (reporter He Li)

工地老板染毒瘾出沦为毒贩 为进货频繁带情人出游   不慎染上毒瘾后,为了筹措毒资,他三不五时地以自驾游为借口,带情人到外地购买毒品,并对外出售赚差价。23日,丹江口市公安局禁毒大队在经过长期布控后,成功抓获两名贩毒嫌疑人。   今年6月中旬,丹江口市公安局禁毒大队接到市民举报称,一名长期居住在丹江口市城区的外地男子有贩毒嫌疑。   “经过调查我们发现这名姓康的男子在建筑工地做工程建设,生活条件还算富裕,名下还有车,平时也很安守本分。”办案民警说,但他们发现康某身边有一名37岁的女子张某,两人各自有家庭,但长期居住在一起,并且每隔10天左右,康某便会带着张某自驾外出,他们告诉邻居是去旅游。   频繁的“自驾游”让办案民警警觉了起来。“调查后我们发现,他们实际上是开车到襄阳市购买毒品。”办案民警称。   23日上午,民警假借查户口进入康某居住的房间,将康某和张某控制住,并现场搜出60余克冰毒。随后民警根据线索,在均州路办事处一小区将涉嫌毒品交易的嫌疑人程某、吸毒违法行为人王某和陈某抓获,并从程某的住处查获冰毒12.63克。   据康某交代,今年年初因工作压力大,他和张某开始吸毒,随着吸毒消耗的资金越来越多,入不敷出的他走上了以贩养吸的道路。康某每次到外地购进毒品后,一部分供他和张某吸食,一部分用于出售,程某等人手中的毒品便是从他的手中买来的。   目前,康某和张某因涉嫌贩卖毒品罪,程某因涉嫌非法持有毒品罪被刑事拘留,王某和陈某因吸食毒品被行政拘留,其中王某有吸毒史,警方拟为其办理强制戒毒。(记者 何利)相关的主题文章:

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