The new generation of jeep guide Asia first show, start

The new generation of Jeep guide, start the pre-sale first show in Asia in November 16th, Guangzhou Fick within one year of the third domestic power — a new generation of Jeep guide to usher in the first show in Asia in Guangzhou, for the upcoming Guangzhou auto show, add dirt. This also indicates that the largest volume of 170 thousand yuan in the international brand – $200 thousand SUV camp, there will be a full range of new middle class families meet the needs of professional products heavy debut. Recently, there is a popular saying, "waste your life on the good things."". This sentence is very good to pass the new middle-class family yearning for a more vivid state of life, as well as the living conditions behind the two clear upgrade needs: security and sense of quality. The word "waste seemingly free and easy, but behind this free and easy, people first need to have a sense of security is extremely strong in the environment, in order to make them more confident in the pursuit of good things. The "good things", in fact, reflect the new middle class on the quality of life and experience higher requirements. In the face of the new middle-class families a sense of security and sense of quality of the double upgrade, today 17 to 200 thousand yuan family SUV market although the variety of dazzling, but these models are the basic car chassis elevated transport based on homogenization. Today, Jeep with 75 years of professional strength, so that the market segments ushered in a new species: professional class new middle class family SUV. The new Jeep guide to the perfect fusion of 100 years and 75 years of high quality European sedan SUV global leading brand bloodline. With external professional leading the whole traffic capacity, the benchmark level of efficient powertrain and the higher standard of safety and security to the family home incomparable; inner comfortable cockpit design and exquisite intelligent driving experience, and to give the family a comfortable sense of quality. In this "concept to create the iron hand in a velvet glove" a new generation of Jeep guide China will establish mainstream high-end home market "SUV value" new benchmark. Outside just for the entire family — incomparable sense of security upgrade security, security configuration is not only reflected in the visible, more important is to provide comprehensive protection for the real thing in the sight of the. The new Jeep guide has nearly 70 intelligent safety equipment, called the benchmark which, even competitors do not have many leapfrog black technology, for example; the only band with ACC adaptive cruise control system, automatic stop function with advanced brake assist function before the collision warning system and lane departure warning system pulled up, active and passive safety to new heights. What’s more, the vehicle height strength steel use rate of 64%, higher than the proportion of 30% high strength steel, optimize the structure of the body, reduce the weight of the body, in addition to safety at the same time, fuel consumption to do subtraction. The new Jeep guide to fully protect the occupants enjoy every journey, let the occupants have a mobile fortress as strong as iron, establish the safety control standard. A sense of security, also reflected in the scene easily control and driving in a variety of heart yu. A "small displacement engine" king of the title of the 1.4T flame MultiAir2®);相关的主题文章:

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