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Chongqing micro enterprises DreamWorks   settled the smooth opening of the park; enjoy the six policy support — Chongqing window — micro enterprises in Chongqing dream factory building micro enterprises in Chongqing dream factory office environment in Chongqing in October 10, recently jointly built by Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Dadukou District government micro enterprises in Chongqing dream factory successfully completed and opened, let entrepreneurs dream of flying. At present, DreamWorks has successfully attracted 173 outstanding micro enterprises through the advantages of policies, quality services and its excellent environment. It is learnt that the settled micro enterprises will enjoy the policy support in the following six aspects: the most favorable site rent. Work area office free rent, loft office free rent in the first year, second months per square meter 5 yuan per month, third months per square meter 10 yuan per month. The most favorable entrepreneurial subsidy. The highest 50 thousand yuan business subsidy can be obtained in the micro enterprises, the longest 3 years, the monthly 150 yuan subsidy, and the one-time subsidy of 50 thousand yuan for the one-off office facilities. The most intimate financing service. The highest enterprise can enjoy 150 thousand yuan, the longest 2 years of business support loans; no more than 2 million yuan of venture guarantee loans; the highest 100 thousand yuan of commercial loans discount. The most rewarding growth award. The annual sales tax or the tax payment reaches the corresponding standard, and it can enjoy the growth fund of 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan at one time. All the approval procedures, such as name approval, registration, business license collection, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial subsidy application, follow-up support project declaration, can be completed in the enterprise. Lead in operating organization, industry association, law, on behalf of the accounts, human resources, financing guarantee, finance, communications, logistics and other professional organizations, enterprises "homes" to enjoy the technology finance, legal consulting, human resources, intellectual property rights, policy advice and other one-stop assistance services. Related links: Chongqing micro enterprises dream factory is located in Dadukou District business core area, adjacent to the light rail line 2 Heaven Fort station and inner Xinhua overpass, traffic convenience. DreamWorks uses an area of 18 thousand square meters, mainly based on LOFT office space, a total of 153 offices, 98 stations, supporting more than 200 parking spaces. Dream factory has 12 floors, the 1-2 is the commercial supporting facilities area, providing catering, entertainment, supermarkets and other ancillary services. The 3 floor is a comprehensive service area, which is divided into two layers, with 98 office stations. The 4-12 layer is LOFT office space, providing entrepreneurial team practical, divided into cultural and creative area, science and technology zone, Internet zone and comprehensive zone 4 plates. Among them, the 4-5 layer for the area, can accommodate 34 enterprises, has been assigned to cultural and creative enterprises 34; 6-7 layer is a technology park, which can accommodate 34 enterprises, has settled 34 enterprises; 8-9 layer for the Internet area, can accommodate 34 enterprises, 32 enterprises have settled in the 10-12 layer; as a comprehensive area, can accommodate 51 enterprises, 44 enterprises have settled in at present. (correspondent Tang Hongqiong) (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??) 重庆微企梦工场顺利开园 入驻可享六大政策扶持–重庆视窗–人民网 重庆微企梦工场大楼 重庆微企梦工场办公环境   人民网重庆10月10日电 近期,由重庆市工商局和大渡口区政府联合打造的重庆微企梦工场顺利建成开园,让创业者梦想放飞绽放。目前,梦工场通过优势政策、优质服务及其优良环境成功吸引了173户优秀微型企业入驻。   据悉,入驻的微型企业将在以下六方面享受政策扶持:   全市最优惠的场地租金。工位区办公免收租金,loft办公区第一年免收租金,第二年每月每平米5元,第三年每月每平米10元。   最优惠的创业补助。入驻微型企业最高可享受5万元创业补助;最长3年,每月150元代账补助;最高5万元的一次性办公用设施购置补助。   最贴心的融资服务。入驻企业最高可享受15万元,最长2年创业扶持贷款;不超过200万元的创业担保贷款;最高10万元的商业贷款贴息。   最丰厚的成长奖励。年销售额或上缴税金达到相应标准的,可一次性享受5万元至10万元的成长奖励资金。   入驻企业“足不出户”即可完成从名称核准、注册登记、营业执照领取到创业培训、创业补助申请、后续扶持项目申报等各类审批手续。   引驻运营机构、行业协会、法律、代账、人力资源、融资担保、金融、通信、物流等专业机构,入驻企业“足不出户”即可享受科技金融、法律咨询、人力资源、知识产权、政策咨询等一站式帮扶服务。   相关链接:   重庆微企梦工场地处大渡口区商务核心地段,紧邻轻轨2号线天堂堡站和内环新华立交,周边交通便利。梦工场使用面积1.8万平方米,主要以LOFT办公空间为主,共有153间办公室,98个工位,配套200余个停车位。梦工场共有12层,1-2层是商业配套设施区,提供餐饮、娱乐、超市等配套服务。3层是综合服务区,分为上下两层,共有98个办公工位。4-12层是LOFT办公空间,提供给创业团队实用,分为文创区、科技区、互联网区和综合区4个板块。其中,4-5层为文创区,可容纳企业34户,目前已入驻文化创意企业34户;6-7层为科技区,可容纳企业34户,目前已入驻企业34户;8-9层为互联网区,可容纳企业34户,目前已入驻企业32户;10-12层为综合区,可容纳企业51户,目前已入驻企业44户。(通讯员 唐洪琼) (责编:王?、张?)相关的主题文章:

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