The man robbed to pregnant girlfriend abortion together afterwards the money squandered money-tonya mitchell

The man robbed to pregnant girlfriend abortion money together afterwards the money squandered on Valentine’s day February 14th, he could not spend the day with his girlfriend, because he was arrested, a few days ago, he was armed with a knife in the street robbery, the grounds of abortion fee for his girlfriend together. Yesterday evening news reporter learned that suspected robbery suspect Mei has been approved arrest. On January 28th at 2:40 in the morning Xu, Xinping County Shan Street office five Guangxi Community Party A on the way home, was a man with a knife robbed of more than RMB 5000 yuan. Fang Moumou said the suspect is about 1.65 meters tall, about 20 years old, Xinping County accent accent, wearing a dark grey coat. The police give up the Spring Festival vacation, finally found a suspicious man figure in the early morning of February 14th: the County Public Security Bureau command center monitoring the police patrol inspections found in the video, a man dressed in clothes and the day of the incident the suspect wears clothes, physical characteristics and the ad hoc group of investigation master suspects are very similar. The police task force in the Shan Street Office Street a rental housing will be seized suspicious man. According to the investigation, suspicious men are the criminal suspects who are painstakingly searched by the task force. The suspect meimou, aged 20, Xinping County Dapingzhang countryman, now temporarily living in Xinping County Shan Street Street office. Mei said, January 28th at 1 a.m., he came back from the Internet cafe rental room, see the girlfriend is not, alone, think: himself and his girlfriend is not married, but his girlfriend was pregnant, two people have no money, Mei do not want children. Silaixiangqu, his heart to cross out to grab some money to use. He came out of the rental house with a wooden handle dagger, about 2 a.m.. After more than half of the county town, he chose to carry the package of Fang moumou. Following a road, he followed the so and so into a lane. When he went to a dark light, he rushed up and took out the knife and asked Fang to give up the money. Fang Moumou just took out the wallet, Mei one grab, turn around and run. Fang Moumou shouted, "give me my card back."!" Megan took the money out of her purse and threw it on the floor. After committing the crime succeed, meimou in order to deceive, and half around the town in the alley, to wrap himself in the old city of Shan Street Office Street rental housing. When he was arrested, more than 5000 yuan of cash gained from robbery had been squandered by him. (Spring City Evening News chief reporter Li Jisheng correspondent Chen Meng) editor: Wang Haocheng

男子抢劫给怀孕女友凑打胎钱 事后把钱挥霍一空   2月14日情人节,他没能和女友一起过节,因为他被捕了——几天前,他在街上持刀抢劫,理由竟是为女友凑打胎费。昨日晚报记者了解到,涉嫌抢劫的犯罪嫌疑人梅某已经被批准逮捕。   1月28日凌晨2时40分许,新平县桂山街道办事处五桂社区的方某某在回家途中,被一男子持刀抢走人民币5000余元。方某某称,犯罪嫌疑人身高约1.65米,年龄20岁左右,口音非新平县城口音,作案时身穿灰黑色上衣。民警放弃春节休假,终于在2月14日凌晨发现可疑男子的身影:县公安局指挥中心监控巡查民警在视频巡查中发现,一名男子身着衣服与案发当日犯罪嫌疑人所穿衣服一致,体貌特征与专案组排查掌握的嫌疑对象也非常相似。专案组民警在桂山街道办事处中街一出租房将可疑男子查获。   经查,可疑男子正是专案组苦心查找的犯罪嫌疑人。犯罪嫌疑人梅某,现年20岁,新平县平掌乡人,现暂住在新平县城桂山街道办事处中街。梅某称,1月28日凌晨1时许,他从网吧玩回来出租房,见女朋友不在,就独自一人想:自己和女友还没有结婚,但女友怀孕了,两人没有钱,梅某不想要孩子。思来想去,他心一横——出去抢点钱来用。   他拿着一把木柄尖刀从出租房出来,此时已是凌晨2时左右。转了大半个县城后,他选择了提着包的方某某。跟了一段路,他尾随方某某转进了一条巷子里。当跟到一处灯光暗处时便冲了上去,拿出刀叫方某某交出钱来。方某某刚把钱包拿出来,梅某就一把抢过来转身便跑。方某某忙大叫:“把我的卡还我!”梅某便把钱包内的钱拿了出来,然后把钱包扔到了地上。   作案得手后,梅某为了瞒天过海,又在小巷内绕了大半个县城,才绕回自己在老城区桂山街道办事处中街的出租房。等他落网时,抢劫所得的5000余元现金,已被他挥霍一空。(春城晚报 首席记者 李继升 通讯员 陈猛) 责任编辑:王浩成相关的主题文章:

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