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The iron ore mining giant Anglo American war intensified the heroic out hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks on diagnosis of the latest rating in this iron ore trading simulation client "lemon" war, Anglo (Anglo American Plc) has become the largest transport home, was forced to withdraw from the iron ore market, but the war continues. The mining giant who left the iron ore market, the 99 year old mining giant, suffered a $5 billion 600 million loss last year and had to get out of the iron ore industry. As the iron ore price falls, global mining giants continue to expand their production strategy, resulting in some iron ore producers unable to pull out of the market. BHP once called this strategy "squeeze lemons."". CEO Mark Cutifani said the outlook for the raw material market was bleak. "We have seen the influx of iron ore competitors into the market, and the supply side will be difficult for some time."". Anglo American is considering selling its Africa’s largest iron ore producer — at the mineral company (Kumba Iron Ore Ltd) control. In addition, the group may withdraw from Minas-Rio, which is one of the largest mining projects in the world and the largest iron ore project invested by British and American resources. Fitch has downgraded Anglo American resources to junk levels on Wednesday after the loss rating was downgraded to junk level, and the outlook is negative. Fitch questioned whether the mining giant has the ability to sell assets in the buyer’s market. Fitch said the negative outlook reflects mainly the Group restructuring plan will succeed there is a lot of uncertainty. Because of using Anglo American assets or low profit or loss, the problem is whether the company can attract more management can accept the buyer. Wall Street noted in February 16th that Anglo American resources group had more than doubled its losses last year and was forced to disclose a more aggressive asset sales and cost reduction plan to cope with a sharp decline in commodity prices. After four consecutive years of losses, Anglo American resources group has stepped up its efforts to reduce the amount of cash holdings, and strive to achieve positive free cash flow from 2016. The company plans to cut its debt to less than $10 billion by the end of the year, and sell the loss of the mine, the goal of divestiture of $6 billion before the end of the year, planned for the next two years, a total of $4 billion. In fiscal year 2015 net loss of $5 billion 600 million, last year was a net loss of $2 billion 500 million, the reason is loss widened into asset impairment of $3 billion 800 million, and the decline in commodity prices; annual revenues of $23 billion, down 26%; excluding special items, earnings per share of $0.64, slightly lower than market expectations. One disaster after another vale production in the fourth quarter or a record high despite the global iron ore production in severe overcapacity, prices plummeted, but the biggest producer of iron ore will be released Thursday or more bad news, the vale fourth quarter iron ore production may hit a record high. According to Bloomberg survey, the 7 analysis theory

铁矿石大战愈演愈烈 矿业巨头英美资源壮烈出局 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   在这轮铁矿石“挤柠檬”大战中,英美资源集团(Anglo American Plc)成为了最大的输家,被迫退出铁矿石市场,但战火仍在延续。   矿业巨头退出铁矿石市场   这一拥有长达99年历史的矿业巨头去年遭受56亿美元损失,不得不从铁矿石行业中抽身。在铁矿石价格暴跌之际,全球矿业巨头采取继续扩大产量的策略,从而导致一些铁矿石生产商不堪压力退出市场。必和必拓曾将这一策略称作“挤柠檬”。   英美资源集团CEO Mark Cutifani表示,原材料市场前景惨淡,“我们已经看到铁矿石的竞争者涌入市场,供给侧将在一段时间内很艰难”。   英美资源集团正考虑出售旗下的非洲最大铁矿石生产商――昆巴矿业公司(Kumba Iron Ore Ltd)的控股权。此外,该集团还可能退出Minas-Rio,这是全球最大的矿业项目之一,也是英美资源投资最大的铁矿石项目。   连年亏损 评级遭下调至垃圾级   继标普之后,惠誉周三下调英美资源评级至垃圾级,展望负面。惠誉质疑该矿业巨头是否有在 “买方市场”出售资产的能力。惠誉称,展望负面主要反映了集团重组计划能否取得最终成功存在很大不确定性。由于英美资源可利用的资产或盈利低或出现亏损, 问题在于该公司是否能够吸引多个管理层可接受的买方。   华尔街见闻2月16日提及,英美资源集团去年亏损扩大超过一倍,被迫披露一项更激进的资产出售和成本削减计划,以应对大宗商品价格的大幅下滑。   连续四年亏损后,英美资源集团加大了“减支瘦身”的力度,力争从2016年起实现正的自由现金流。该司计划于年底前将债务削减至少于100亿美元,并出售亏损的矿场,目标年底前剥离60亿美元的资产,此前计划为今明两年共计40亿美元。   2015财年净亏损56亿美元,上年为净亏损25亿美元,亏损扩大的原因是计入了38亿美元的资产减值,以及大宗商品价格的下跌;全年营收230亿美元,同比下降26%;剔除特殊项目后,每股盈利为0.64美元,略低于市场预期。   雪上加霜 淡水河谷四季度产量或再创新高   尽管全球铁矿石产量严重过剩,价格暴跌,但最大的铁矿石生产商淡水河谷周四或将公布更糟糕的消息,即淡水河谷第四季度铁矿石产量可能再创记录新高。   据彭博调查7位分析师的平均预测,淡水河谷四季度铁矿石产量将达到8830万公吨,创纪录新高,高于第三季度的8820万公吨。摩根士丹利预计,铁矿石过剩的局面将至少维持到2020年。去年年中,铁矿石基准价格在60美元 吨下方,已从2011年的高位下降超70%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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