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Fashion-Style Sweatshirts are an extremely popular clothing article in Europe and America. And with the progress of globalization, this trend is permeating the east as well. But why are they so popular? Sweatshirts are amongst the few articles of clothing that are not restricted to any class. Everyone wears them. But why? A major reason is the sheer .fort they offer. That is the main reason why they are so popular amongst the youngsters. More than anything else, they crave their .fort and sweatshirts offer that. But another reason for their popularity is the hood. The hood is extremely useful, .fortable, feasible and stylish. Thus, we .e to the existence of leather jackets with hoods. We now see shops exhibiting a hooded leather jacket in their glass displays. The style of hood is nothing new however. Its roots lie in medieval Europe! The monks wore their robes and/or tunics with hood (cowl) attached. The hood was not restricted to monks either. Outdoor workers wore hooded capes as well. The style entered the American culture in the 1930s when the first sweatshirt was produced. It was originally targeted at labourers working in freezing temperatures but it soon became a wide spread phenomenon. But their popularity on its own was not enough. The style spread out to other clothing as well. And thus, we have leather jackets with hoods. They were particularly popularized by David Beckham. The hooded leather jacket is a relatively novel concept. The idea of designing leather jackets in this style came around the 1990s and on wards. The 70s saw the advent of the hip-hop culture in USA and they adopted the hood style- thus pushing it into limelight.Today though, it is Beckham who has really iconized the jackets. He has often been seen wearing clothes in the hooded style. After all, the hood is not just a style of casual clothing, but of sports clothing as well. Sweatshirts are extremely popular amongst the sports crowd. Beckham has turned this casual style into a fashion statement, often wearing his hooded leather jacket with a scarf or other things- creating an ultra-stylish look. These leather jackets with hood sare a result of the 90s when the hooded sweatshirts became a symbol of isolation. As mentioned earlier, they are the uniform of youngsters. Over-sized and .fortable, they were a form of clothing one could huddle up in. In fact, in Canada, they are also called bunny hugs. This clothing was a form of expression. The teenage shouting to the world that he did not care about style or norms, he would do as he pleases. This, translated into leather, was a like a time bomb. Leather, for decades now, has been the costume of angst, of rebellion, of strength and of freedom. The hooded leather jacket be came so much more. The natural and inherent elegance of leather, .bined with the casualness of the hood made an intriguing .bination. But the leather jackets with hoods were even more. The symbolic meanings of leather and hood .bined were explosive. This item is not only seen as the height of elegance and style, it hints at the personality of the wearer. That perhaps, there is something dangerous, mysterious and fascinating about him. It is no wonder that whoever wears these jackets .pels all eyes to turn toward him. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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