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The inventory of the 7 hottest stars of love — the entertainment channel of Jiangxi, original title: inventory of entertainment in the 7 star of love everyone’s youth there is always a hard heart of love, and love is everyone must have the deepest memory, the following 818 entertainment in the 7 hottest stars love is who? In 1, Huang Xiaoming had seen the "filial piety" whirlwind of the first phase of the program, Huang Xiaoming thought that "most people want to see" is his first love. In fact, Huang Xiaoming’s first love someone else, she is known as "little Brigitte Lin," said Li Yu, her most famous screen role was starring with Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin’s romance in the rain "in" Fang Yu ", she and Huang Xiaoming are in love at first sight, but eventually broke up because of personality clashes. In 2009, Li Yu died of lymphatic cancer and was jealous of beauty. 2, Aaron Kwok is now King Aaron Kwok’s girlfriend is the mainland net red yuan, early before her, Gou Yunhui allegedly resulted in Aaron Kwok and Xiong Dailin’s 7 years of feeling broken, even more surprised that Aaron Kwok should have thrown the shoes on, he had been questioned. In fact, as early as before, Aaron Kwok was also abandoned by Yao Zhengqing, the first girlfriend. When he is not famous, and his girlfriend Yao Zhengqing was beautiful, sexy body, TVB has been touted, because with Aaron Kwok can not see the future, then broke up. (Lorna, commissioning editor Mao Siyuan) original title: inventory of 7 Star Entertainment in the first 3 days after Faye Wong Faye Wong, we all know there is a famous song "red bean", everybody sang; but you don’t know is Faye Wong’s first boyfriend is red, listening seems unbelievable. But the fact is true. Before Faye Wong came to Hongkong to develop, there was a first boyfriend in Beijing, the other side was red bean, and Faye Wong did not deny it. It is reported that the red bean is also a singer, representative of "think of you all night", after suffering from severe red pedophilia, repeatedly molested children in prison. 4, Michele Lee as the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong debut she has been entangled with the rich, do so now join the wealthy, married Julian. Many people are aware of the concern and Xu Jin Heng before she Lau romance, but do not know her first love was Zhou Huimin’s husband Nizhen Nvzhang people. About Joe, his lace scandal very much, it is reported that Michele Lee had run Gangjie, because did not get the "Miss photogenic" award and is sad, Joe always comforted her, but rather because parents objected to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan)

盘点娱乐圈中7位当红明星的初恋–江西频道–人民网 原标题:盘点娱乐圈中7位当红明星的初恋   每个人的青春总有那么一段刻苦铭心的爱情,而初恋想必是每个人最深的记忆,下面818娱乐圈中7位当红明星们的初恋都是谁?   1、黄晓明   看过《旋风孝子》第一期节目的人,都以为黄晓明“最想见的人”就是他的初恋。   其实黄晓明的初恋另有其人,她就是素有“小林青霞”之称的李钰,她最著名的银幕角色就是与赵薇、林心如主演的《情深深雨蒙蒙》中的“方瑜”,她与黄晓明算是一见钟情,但是最终却因性格不合而分手。2009年,李钰因淋巴癌病逝,天妒红颜。   2、郭富城   如今天王郭富城的女友是内地网红方媛,早在她之前,据说因苟芸慧的介入导致郭富城与熊黛林的7年情断,更让人大跌眼镜的是郭富城竟然抛出的“鞋子论”,一度让他备受质疑。   其实,早在这之前,郭富城也曾被初恋女友姚正箐抛弃。那时的他还未成名,而女友姚正箐容貌姣好,身材性感,受到TVB的力捧,由于与郭富城在一起看不到未来,便提出分手。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远) 原标题:盘点娱乐圈中7位当红明星的初恋   3、王菲   我们都知道天后王菲有一首非常著名的歌曲《红豆》,想必大家都唱过;但是你不知道的是王菲的初恋男友就是红豆,听着似乎有些不可思议吧,但事实确是如此。   王菲还没来香港发展之前,在北京就有了初恋男友,对方就是红豆,王菲也没有否认过。据悉,红豆也是一名歌手,代表作《想你一整夜》,后因红豆患有严重的娈童癖,多次因猥亵儿童入狱。   4、李嘉欣   作为最美港姐出道的她,一直在与富豪纠缠,如今如愿加入豪门,与许晋亨喜结连理。很多人都知道在许晋亨之前,她与刘銮雄的情史备受关注,然而却不知道她的初恋竟是玉女掌门人周慧敏的老公倪震。关于倪震,他的花边绯闻相当多,据悉当初李嘉欣参选港姐时,因没有拿到“最上镜小姐”奖而伤心时,是倪震一直在安慰她,但是却因家长反对而不了了之。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远)相关的主题文章:

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