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The difference in Chinese Han acting bursting with popularity: Korean idol drama – China Tucao Beijing recently, drama of the war, the Spy Drama return to the screen, countless fans of high value Yan idols, and before the campaign to form a gap, and even lead to ruin a drama tucao. This does not, even the Koreans to satirize the US in the drama "fantastic", the actor is acting a particularly poor, in South Korea to be laughed at the big star, who knows it in China bursting with popularity. So, people have "seats": is it not alluding to Chinese blindly "face"? Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Nan Yan high value Spy Drama nightmare? Is the hit "sparrow", Li Yifeng starred in the role of surface special operations at a team captain Wang puppet government, all day in the intelligence dawdle, give the girl a haircut, the actual identity is underground, to engage in espionage. But Li Yifeng "rich expression package", the eyes Meng Meng Da is difficult to discerning audience satisfaction. In addition, Dongyu Zhou played in the Whampoa  military academy trained agents, because facial paralysis act was also strongly tucao. Insiders believe that working in danger, for the sake of unobtrusive, does not need to be distinguished, but in order to cater to the growing audience China see the face of demand, to the introduction of high value Yan small meat, the Spy Drama slowly became strange product mixed spy war drama. Some people think that not the whole board hit him in the meat, the overall arrangement and the screenwriter director team of story settings, but also to blame. "Some little meat" grievance "Jiangsu arts channel" boutique theater "night war drama aired" hope mission ", Mao Zijun also used the popular niche value of" Yan shuabing". Since his debut, Mao Zijun with "scheming beauty", "Princess", "beautiful world in the country long line", "Yun Zhi" such as costume, with handsome appearance and full of tension acting to gain a lot of fans. Mao Zijun, financial background, in his opinion, the high value of the yen actor filming, although there are certain advantages, but if not acting, Yan values tend to become a burden. In the mission of hope, Mao Zijun played the Whampoa  military academy student Yue Gang. Under his leadership, the formation of a number of outstanding students Wu Gang eagle, repeatedly completed the task of anti japanese. "This is a special war drama, a group of young people growing up in the flames of war. It’s very different from what I understand." Mao Zijun said that the play did not locate the idol drama, or realism based, so I also hope that the audience do not just look at the value of Yan, to pay more attention to the growth of the protagonist’s soul. Mao Zijun said frankly, although the war is not so much before the thunder, but still a lot of routines, some things can not be around actor. Therefore, only the same Anti Japanese drama, I will connect. As an actor, I still want to try all kinds of characters, and I want to take some modern drama in the future."相关的主题文章:

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