The CPC Hongqiao Municipal Committee informed on patrol rectification ca1806

The CPC Hongqiao Municipal Committee on patrol rectification briefing in accordance with the unified deployment of municipal inspections, three municipal inspection group in Hongqiao district were "looking back" special inspections, and the feedback of the inspection opinions. Hongqiao district Party Committee attaches great importance to "look back" rectification work, Party committee responsible comrades earnestly fulfill the first responsibility responsibility, efforts to promote the implementation of supervision, and achieved initial results. Public affairs in accordance with the principles and requirements of patrol work, now patrol the rectification be published. On the implementation of the two responsibilities to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback "district comprehensive strictly strictly fulfill the main responsibility is not real, lack of force," a pair of "pressure transmission is not in place and other issues, earnestly implement the party strictly overall responsibility, strengthen the grassroots party committees (party) the main responsibility for the implementation of the supervision and inspection. The responsibility of the signing party work book and organization directly under the party 31, to promote the gradual establishment of a list, the work of Party building task list, a list of responsibilities 3621, 8 Party organizations are weak and lax rectify, formed at every level, layers of implementation of the work. According to the inspection teams feedback "district discipline fulfill its oversight responsibilities, the focus is not enough, lack of accountability and discipline problems, support the District Commission for Discipline Inspection to thoroughly implement the" three "requirements, adhere to the" there must check the case, and strictly, accurately grasp the use of "four forms", increase the intensity of investigating the case, and the discipline rules in it front. Since the beginning of this year were registered since 63, closed since 59, 61 people given party discipline, the filing number more than 2015 full year total filing and discipline review, maintain a high pressure situation. At the same time, leads to 17 problems to the inspection teams, has gone through 14, 10 people given party discipline. About the violation of political discipline and organizational discipline to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback "important matters of individual cadres to withhold" problem, for personal matters centralized reporting organizations in the region of 449 level leading cadres, strengthen the focus on the verification and random checks, 4 people for personal matters Loutian by omission, suspend or terminate the selection procedure, because 1 people no significant matters of personal reports were given disciplinary punishment. According to the inspection teams feedback "some units of democratic centralism is ineffective," three major "matters on research", perfect the Party (party) team rules and decision-making procedures, strengthen the decision-making process management, tracking feedback and evaluation, strengthen the "three major" decision of supervision and inspection, strict decision accountability. On the field of project bidding, financial management and other high risk to solve the problem of inspection teams feedback "part of the construction project bidding irregularities", the strict implementation of the project construction bidding supervision and 6 system, increase supervision of construction market, the 2 illegal construction projects according to the law to remove. According to the inspection teams feedback "some financial management problems, perfect the management system of special funds, funds to strengthen the audit supervision, investigate and deal with serious disciplinary problems related to financial management, staff discipline of 2 units of accountability. On the four winds rebound for the inspection teams feedback of individual units set up illegal ‘small Treasuries’, Qiao li.相关的主题文章:

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