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The couple was killed the night of the mid autumn door neighbor suspected by the homestead disputes China Weinan daily news (reporter Chen Bing) 15 days is the Mid Autumn Festival, the family reunion day, but more than 8 points last night, Pucheng county Party Mu Zhen Fan Village three groups a couple was killed in front of his house. The villagers said the assailant is the couple’s neighbor fan Moumou, may be caused by homestead disputes. At present, Pucheng County Public Security Bureau police brigade is fully cracked. Fan Village three groups of villagers Mr. Fan told China Daily reporter, killed a five year old Wang Fan and a couple of them, and four or five year old grandson at home, two sons are working in Jiangsu, was not at home. After the incident, Wang Moujia’s grandson has been taken over by relatives. The fan Moumou more than and 40 years old this year, and the victim are neighbors. "Fan Moumou in third, his eldest brother died a few years ago, his brother to take care of their old mother. 5 years ago, fan Moumou and his wife divorced, since then, his spirit seemed to be stimulated, not only can’t take care of his mother, his two teenage children from his brother watch. Usually, fan Moumou also didn’t what to do, rely on subsistence living. But he didn’t hurt anyone else before." Mr. Fan said, "Wang and fan Moumou because they two homestead, a conflict for several years. This afternoon (September 15th) fan Moumou also went to cut trees, do not know how the night the couple killed. It is said to be killed with a knife, specifically what knife do not know, he killed the man ran, the village was reported to the police." 11 last night, the reporter learned from the Pucheng County Public Security Bureau, Interpol brigade has been investigated at the scene of the crime. About the whereabouts of the suspect, the police said that due to the investigation, to disclose.相关的主题文章:

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