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Marketing There is no doubt that direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise your home wholesaling business. Direct mail is used by everyone from political candidates to carpet cleaning .panies to reach the maximum amount of people for the least amount of money. There are pitfalls, however, associated with direct mail, so you have to watch where your money goes before you sign on the dotted line. Remember, the whole point of wholesaling homes is to make as much money as possible on every sale without spending all of that profit moving the home on to another buyer. Here are a few essential direct marketing tips to help keep your profits high and stress low. Creating Your Direct Mail Ad Right off the bat, a good direct mailer is forced to make a tough decision. The more ornate, the more beautiful and the more unique your direct mail ad is to your prospective buyers, the better the chance that they will see it, read it and respond to it. However, creating an ornate and unique looking direct mail ad takes time, and the more .plex the design is, the more it is going to cost to print because of the ink required. This is the essential Catch-22 of direct mail and of advertising in general. Time is genuinely money, but if you send out a mailer that is boring, or worse, unprofessional looking because you didn’t spend enough time creating one, then you will not only be falling short of your mission of enticing new buyers, but you may even be harming your reputation, and as any good real estate professional can tell you, your reputation is your entire career. The route that many people choose is to either hire a professional designer for a one-time direct mail flyer or have a talented family member who loves to draw create one. Either way, you are adding a true artistic touch to the direct mail flyers you send out. Studies have shown that with direct mail, you have less than three seconds to catch someone’s eye before they move on to the next piece of mail. You need something professional, something unique and something that makes someone want to pick up the phone and call you. Picking Your Words Carefully One of the .mon mistakes that many home wholesalers make is that they .e on far too strong with the limited amount of space for text they have on their ads. They end up sounding more like a frustrated used car salesman than someone selling a sound investment like a home. Yes, you do need to maximize your effectiveness, but you also need to avoid .ing off sounding like a shyster or as someone selling the greatest deal in the history of mankind. The tone you should be shooting for here is enticing, excited, but confident, almost bordering on aloof. You’re presenting an offer here that you know to be the best in the area. You don’t have to yell, scream or make a scene, your ad text should project confidence, self assuredness and the knowledge that you are offering the best deal anywhere. Don’t be afraid to go through several edits and feel free to share the text you have written with others to see if you have got your tone down pat. You can even use ads that other real estate professionals use for ideas. Search the Inter. to find ads that project the same level of confidence and professionalism as you are searching for and don’t be afraid to break out the thesaurus to get ideas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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