Stop! The middle-aged 1152 yuan compound early 1 million 80 thousand just 7 thousand football lotter-barcarolle

Stop! The middle-aged 1152 yuan compound early 1 million 80 thousand just 7 thousand and 8 football lottery lottery 21 football 14 game winning 16123rd, Heyuan lottery hi 1 note first prize and 10 note two prize, the total prize 1 million 80 thousand yuan. It is understood that winning lottery from Hongxing Road 14068th sports lottery betting station. In August 22nd 14, the football game winning 16123rd out of the second days, winning lottery early in the morning to the city center for lottery awarding procedures. It is reported that the winner is Li Xiansheng (last name) came to awarding with three or four friends under the. Mr. Li is middle-aged, is a loyal player, is also a fan, the usual hobby is one of research on lottery, buy most is football 14 victory, and from time to time in some small prize. According to the 14068 sports lottery betting station owners introduced, in the 1 million 80 thousand yuan award before, Mr. Lee bought football 14 wins and losses of 16122nd, also had more than 7000 yuan prize. "Mr. Li is so lucky, he is in the middle." Site owners said admiringly, Mr. Li in the purchase of the current lottery also said that these days the mobile phone is bad, want to buy the lottery to win, good for a new mobile phone, did not think second days only 7000 yuan. More than 8 20 in the evening, Lee once again came to the 14068 sports lottery betting station, this time, he with an amount of 1152 yuan a double votes, 14 game winning lottery captured 16123rd 1 note first prize, two prize 10 note, received a bonus of 1 million 80 thousand yuan. In the award, Mr. Lee said that the future will continue to support sports lottery. (Chongqing lottery net)

挡不住!中年人1152元复式揽足彩108万 前期刚中7千   8月21日开奖的足球14场胜负第16123期,河源一彩民喜中1注一等奖和10注二等奖,奖金合计108万元。据了解,中奖彩票出自红星路第14068体育彩票投注站。   8月22日,足球14场胜负第16123期开奖的第二天,中奖彩民一大早就来到市体彩中心办理兑奖手续。据悉,中奖者李先生(化姓)是在三四个亲朋好友的陪同下前来兑奖的。李先生人到中年,是位忠实的彩民,同时也是个球迷,平时的爱好之一就是研究足彩,最常买的就是足球14场胜负,并且时不时地中些小奖。   据14068体育彩票投注站业主介绍,就在中出108万元大奖前,李先生购买的足球14场胜负第16122期,还曾中出7000多元小奖。   “李先生好幸运,说中就中了。”网点业主羡慕地说道,李先生在购买当期足彩时还曾说过,这几天手机坏了,希望买的足彩赶紧中奖,好换部新手机,没想到第二天就中了7000多元。   20日晚上8点多,李先生再次来到14068体育彩票投注站,这次,他凭借一张金额为1152元的复式票,擒获足彩14场胜负第16123期一等奖1注,二等奖10注,共获奖金108万元。   在领奖时,李先生表示,今后将一如既往地支持体育彩票。   (重庆体彩网)相关的主题文章:

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