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Health You feel that you need to make a total change in your life, and have made the decision to stop smoking, and are now searching for a stop smoking tip. You’ve thought about quitting smoking in the past but now have an urgent desire to it now, and for good. No longer will you be held to ransom by the nicotine habit that has controlled your life for years. Good for you, now is the time to find a method that will get you free of the habit, you need to stop smoking now, and for good. Never, ever, consider the possibility that you will fail; this is the time to go for it! You now have now several things to consider, one of which is deciding a date to quit for good. Stop smoking tip – lots of folks decide that January 1st will be the day, but Jan 1st comes and goes, they are still smoking. What an awkward position to put yourself in, loads of goodwill, but no action. Don’t put yourself through this doubt and pain; you are obviously thinking very seriously about becoming smoke free, why not now? Get rid of all your cigarettes, and set yourself up mentally to do this, once and for all. Stop smoking tip – Look into setting up a reward for yourself when, not if, you achieve your ambition of becoming a non smoker, (even sounds good, doesn’t it?) Work out how much you spend in a week, month, a year even. How could you put that money to far better and healthier use? Hobbies, new golf clubs, replace your car, a holiday? Be sure that the things you choose are items that you really, really want, and couldn’t afford if you were still smoking. Don’t just think of the financial rewards though, look at the improvements in your health, your well being, your outlook on life, these will all benefit, in addition to your wallet. Stop smoking tip – During the period of quitting smoking you will find it helpful to increase the amount of exercise that you take, also watch how much you are eating. Many people find that when they quit, they put on weight. This can be a big concern but if you are prepared for it you can take charge of the situation and minimize the effects. The weight gain possibly comes about because you now have nothing to do in the time you would have been smoking; the temptation is to eat instead, hence the need for exercise. Accept that you may have some weight gain, but keep it under control. Stop smoking tip – One major factor you should consider is the state of your overall health. If you are in poor physical condition you should consult your doctor with your stop smoking plan. No doctor is ever going to discourage you from quitting smoking; they will almost certainly be able to offer some support and advice that is specific to your particular situation. This support is invaluable as your doctor will be able to monitor your health improvements, giving you proof of the benefits of quitting. Do not imagine for a moment that you are on your own. People give up smoking every day, and will continue to do so in ever increasing numbers, why not you as well then? Set out a well thought through plan, and just do it! Nobody ever said quitting was easy, but look at the benefits, to your health, wealth and happiness. Not to mention the pride you will have when you succeed, and you will! About the Author: and .ezinearticles../?Stop-Smoking-Tip—Develop-Your-Stop-Smoking-Plans&id=4854517 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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