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Writing-and-Speaking If you want people to know about an event, business or any other activity, then you have to find a way of getting the word out. Using flyers can be one of your options of telling information to the public. Distributing flyers should be done in a legal and safe way with a good defined approach for positive results. How to Distribute Flyers. *Determine your market. The first step is to determine your market. For example if you are advertising baby products, you will have to approach adults and other places where babies congregate. Identifying your market will make your job easier and also give the best results. *Print up the flyers. After you have identified your target people, your next step is to print up the flyers. Print them in different sizes, they can be 11 by 14 or even smaller handbills. You can hand out the smaller posters, while the larger ones can be posted on telephone poles and/or other places. *Ask for permission. You need to visit where your target people are and ask for permission before you distribute the flyers. Distribute your flyers on high traffic locations such as coffee shops, supermarkets, student unions, Laundromats. Leave a small stack of your flyers at the places for your target people to grab. *Pass out flyers. Pass out the flyers to everyone you think might be interested. Approach pedestrians in public areas but make sure you don’t block anyone’s way. Don’t be afraid to approach people, be bold and give the flyers out. Be nice and answer all their questions about the information on your flyer. Drop flyers off on people doorsteps and in mail slots if it’s applicable to that area. Keep up the distribution efforts as long as you can. This will enable you to reach as many people as possible. Advantages of Flyer Distribution. *Inexpensive. Flyers are cheap and affordable; they can be in color or in black and white paper. The cost of printing is cheaper compared other forms of advertising. It’s also possible to campaign on a low flyer distribution if your target is a small region or smaller number of people. *Targeting customers. With flyer distribution, you are able to target your customers with greater precision. A little research can help you get names and addresses of your potential customers. This will help you calculate the numbers of flyers to be printed since you know exactly who you are targeting; this is not possible in other forms of advertising. *Immediate results. When you distribute your flyers you will be able to see people getting them. Most or those people will approach you with questions trying to enquire more about the information on the flyers. This way you are able to tell them more about what you are advertising, therefore you are able to attract them within a short period of time. *Simple strategy. This distribution doesn’t require any long term planning or any other complicated procedures. You simply print your flyers and distribute. It’s a simple form of advertising that has proved to be very effective. It’s less expensive and consumes less time as compared to other forms of advertising. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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