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Advertising Social business networking is a popular way of driving traffic towards a particular website. Nowadays everyone is using social networking tools strategically to provide their business an instant push. The benefits of social business networking campaigns are overwhelming. Therefore everyday more and more business owners and internet marketers are driving their attention towards it. Social Networking has witnessed extreme transformation in recent few years. They have transformed into a huge network of individuals and professionals from all over the world from smaller schools and university groups a few years ago. Earlier they were serving as a means of communication between friends and loved ones. Now they have become an essential component in global business and commerce. It is now well known that social business networking and social media can transform the overall sales and revenues of any e-Business by generating traffic and sales leads for them. However, how to use social media and social business networking tools for professional benefits is an art. One needs to know the basics of social media strategies; else they will not be able to attain desired level of success from social network traffic. A webmaster or website owners may have witnessed several instances where an e-Business achieved heights of success by implementing social networking tools in their marketing and promotion to generate traffic. However, same strategies may not have resulted desired traffic or success for other e-Business. So what is the secret of success in getting social traffic profit? It is really a matter of confusion for a majority of people wanting success in their business. Well, to get desired profit through social traffic one needs to analyze the potential of their business and understand the mind of their prospective customers. Otherwise there is no school in this world for teaching the art of social networking. Yes, there are a few ways through which one can enhance the knowledge of functioning of social networking. People can learn the art of using the most popular tools in social business networking (like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers, and StumbleUpon) through video tutorials. The videos prepared by social networking experts are a great help for newbies as well as anyone willing to increase the sales and profits from their website. Organic traffic coming towards a website is the key to generate new sales leads. By learning key skills of social networking through social networking video tutorials, one can implement them in their social networking campaigns and achieve unexpected results instantly. 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