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Short term market sentiment downturn, fund chase "security" asset, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Last weekend, U.S. stocks suddenly plunged more than 2%, European stock markets followed U.S. stocks fell sharply, in the fund manager, the external market crash or cause a certain impact on the stock market A. In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, funds wait-and-see atmosphere of unprecedented, before uninterested, some fund managers choose to control the position, chasing the "safety" of assets. In the medium term, a fund manager in Shanghai believes that the stock market does not have particularly large risk factors, the market is expected to be relatively stable in the last one or two months, but there are some worries about the long-term economic growth, the market will maintain the pattern of interval shocks. In the shock market, the anticipation of the rise and fall of the market is of little contribution to earning excess profits, and the way of actively adjusting the structure is more suitable for the present market. It is worth noting that the recent performance of the two types of assets is good; one is PPP, the market believes that PPP has the importance of encouraging private capital, PPP model is expected to be more widely used, related companies from the two quarter of orders and performance are good. Related stocks have been doing very well over the past month, and valuations range from 20 times to 25 times. But the construction stock belongs to the traditional industry, the valuation space is limited, some fund managers believe that the short-term theme or to a high position. Another kind of better performance is the smart phone industry chain, the industry’s performance and valuation matching is better. Before and after the release of Apple 7, new products related stocks have been speculation, such as double cameras, waterproof, antenna, battery suppliers. In addition, the fiber optic cable, paper industry has also realized the "counter attack" from the unpopular industry". Fortis fund manager Zhou Xuejun believes that the reform drive, from the recent hot stocks can be seen, the whole market in the pursuit of "safety" assets required for "security" as the basis, better performance and reasonable valuation, selection of value growth stocks. A number of fund managers expect that the future growth of these partial value growth stocks will continue to be touted, but the hot spots or some changes, will focus on electronic, communications, light industry, building materials, chemical and other industries. For the consumer goods sector favored by the early market, fund managers believe that the valuation is not high, but the growth is weak. Under the CPI low operation, consumer goods prices growth is low, is not conducive to enhance the performance of enterprises. In addition, the supply side reform is an important task this year, fund managers are expected to continue to force, the core in coal, iron and steel. Investment should pay attention to the matching degree of supply and demand, not just stare at the supply side. As the market this year is not the trend of strengthening type, the market hot spots often change, for the fund manager’s operational ability, rhythm control ability challenges. The industry believes that, for ordinary investors, may be concerned about the good at mining value growth stock fund manager in charge of the fund, they can grasp the industry segments and stocks, and try to grasp the cycle positions, such as the low carbon economy, rich new investment theory

短期市场情绪低迷 基金追逐“安全性”资产 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   上周末美股突然暴跌逾2%,欧洲股市也跟随美股大幅收跌,在基金经理看来,外围市场大跌或对A 股市场造成一定的影响。加之中秋、国庆假期的临近,资金观望的气氛空前,节前“无心恋战”,部分基金经理选择控制仓位,追逐“安全性”资产。   就中期而言,沪上一位基金经理认为,目前股市不具备特别大的风险因素,预计最近一两个月市场仍较为平稳,但经济的长期增长有一些隐忧,市场或将维持区间震荡格局。震荡市里,预判大盘涨跌对于赚取超额收益的贡献较小,积极调整结构的方式或更加适合于现在的市场。   值得注意的是,近期两类资产表现较好;其一是PPP,市场认为PPP拥有鼓励民间资本的重要意义,预期PPP模式将被更为广泛的应用,相关公司从二季度开始订单和业绩都不错。相关股票过去一个月表现非常好,估值普遍从20倍到了25倍。但建筑股属于传统行业,估值空间有限,部分基金经理认为,短期该主题或到了偏高的位置。   另一类表现较好的是智能手机产业链,该行业的业绩和估值匹配度较好。苹果7发布前后,新产品相关个股都得到了炒作,如双摄像头、防水、天线、电池的供应商。除此之外,光纤光缆、造纸行业也实现了从冷门行业的“逆袭”。海富通改革驱动的基金经理周雪军认为,从近期的热门股可以看出,整个市场在追逐“安全性”资产,要求以“安全性”作为基础,业绩较好且估值合理,精选有价值的成长股。   多位基金经理预期,未来一段时间,上述偏价值型的成长股还会继续受捧,但热点或有所转换,会重点关注电子、通信、轻工、建筑建材、化工等行业。   对于前期市场青睐的消费品板块,基金经理认为其估值不高,但是成长性偏弱。在CPI低位运行之下,消费品价格增速低,不利于企业业绩的提升。   此外,供给侧改革是今年以来的重要任务,有基金经理预计将持续发力,核心在煤炭、钢铁上。投资中要关注供给和需求的匹配度,不能仅仅盯着供给侧。由于今年的市场不是趋势加强型,市场热点经常更换,对于基金经理的操作能力、节奏控制能力提出了挑战。   业内人士认为,对于普通投资者而言,可关注擅长于挖掘价值型成长股的基金经理所掌管的基金,他们能够把握好细分行业和个股的机会,并尽量把握好持仓的周期,例如富国低碳新经济、国投瑞银策略精选、景顺低碳主题科技、兴全社会责任、汇添富民营活力等基金。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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