Shaoxing Pingjiang Road tunnel built 2000 meters long down through the Second Ring Road christie stevens

Shaoxing Pingjiang Road tunnel construction of 2000 meters long in the second ring road yesterday, Pingjiang Road tunnel engineering in Shaoxing Second Ring Road under construction, is expected before the end of next year, Pingjiang Road will be road and gown docking, with this new fast channel, then east area traffic conditions will be greatly improved. Yesterday afternoon, reporters after the Second Ring Road (State Road 104) section of East Lake, near the South will find a temporary Longqiao channel for a two-way four lane road, adding steel guardrail. In September 25th, the traffic police department issued a letter road construction announcement, from September 30th to July 31st next year, the past 104 road vehicles to pass from the temporary road on the south side of the. Project relevant responsible person said that the Pingjiang Road tunnel about 2000 meters long from south to north respectively through Xiaoyong railway, Di Dang lake and the Second Ring Road (State Road 104), and then in the construction of the road extension robe (Pingjiang Road) relative access. At present, the tunnel has been completed, and most of the tunnels under Xiao Yong railway have been completed. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The tunnel next to the Second Ring Road (104 National Highway) has become an important node of the project, and it is expected to be completed next July. It is understood that the city of East area is the main north-south road, Zhongxing Road and more road, River Road, two road peace robe broken road, the north-south traffic impact. The road to the junction termination robe Fenglin Road, Pingjiang Road to victory road section termination. Last August, the southern extension of the road (Pingjiang North Road) started, will be connected with the construction of the Pingjiang Road tunnel, is expected to be opened to traffic in 2017. The reporter also learned that the robe Road extension (Pingjiang Road) South Second Ring Road, north to Fenglin Road, a total length of 2.182 km. In order to enhance the efficiency of traffic, as fast channel, cross road and Lake Road is Shuipai (North), straight vehicles can quickly through the intersection, reduce the traffic light time. The engineering personnel, because Donghu town as a typical region of rivers and lakes, there are many new roads in the bridge, the bridge will be designed to bridge landscape, become a unique landscape in the region.

绍兴平江路隧道开建 2000米长下穿二环北路昨天,绍兴下穿二环北路的平江路隧道工程动工,预计明年年底前,平江路与袍中路将对接,有了这条新增的快速通道,届时城东片区的交通状况将大大改善。昨天下午,记者经过二环北路(104国道)东湖段时,发现靠近会龙桥的南侧多出了一段双向四车道的临时通道,路面增设了钢制隔离护栏。9月25日,交警部门发出道路封道施工公告,从9月30日起至明年7月31日,过往104国道的车辆要从南侧的临时道路通行。工程相关负责人介绍说,整个平江路隧道长约2000米,从南往北分别下穿萧甬铁路、迪荡湖和二环北路(104国道),然后与正在建设中的袍中路延伸段(平江北路)相对接。目前,下穿迪荡湖的隧道已完工,下穿萧甬铁路的隧道完成了大半,预计年底前完工。下穿二环北路(104国道)的隧道成为工程重要节点,预计明年7月份完工。据了解,越城区城东片区的南北向道路主要为中兴路、越东路,而袍中路和平江路是两条断头路,影响南北通行。其中,袍中路到凤林东路交界处终止,平江路到胜利东路段终止。去年8月,袍中路南延段(平江北路)开工,将与正在建设中的平江路隧道接通,预计到2017年能够建成通车。记者同时了解到,袍中路延伸段(平江北路)南起二环北路,北至凤林东路,全长2.182公里。为加强通行效率,定位为快速通道,上跨则水牌路和湖滨路(北),直行车辆可以快速通过路口,减少等红绿灯的时间。工程人员介绍,因为东湖镇为典型水乡,新修道路中有众多桥梁,这些桥梁将被设计为景观桥,成为区域内的独特风景。相关的主题文章:

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