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Shanxi’s most valuable resource is coal? Cultural relics? Luo Huining said Taiyuan, October, Xinhua 31 (Xinhua) (Shanxi) underground, the ground is very rich in resources, is a big province of coal, but also a large province of cultural tourism resources in the province of. So, what is the most valuable resource in Shanxi? Luo Huining believes that the first of Shanxi’s most valuable resource is human resources, only the activation of human resources, all other resources can be transformed into development advantages. This is Luo Huining mentioned in the October 31st meeting of the Eleventh Party Congress of Shanxi province. "Shanxi should adhere to the principle of talent management, the implementation of talent strategy, Daxing know just love King was the wind, to maximize the release of talent innovation and create entrepreneurial vitality." Luo Huining said, at the same time, but also to deepen the reform of talent development system, construct the competitive advantage of talent system, the implementation of the autonomy of human subject, establish new talent diversified investment mechanism, implement talent green card system, reform the personnel evaluation system, the talent flow in open channels. How to make use of talent? Luo Huining said, to fully play a decisive role in the market in the allocation of human resources, make good use of local talent, pay attention to the grassroots talent, attract foreign talent, vigorously develop the introduction of economic transformation and upgrading to the leading talents, promote the innovative elements to high-end talent agglomeration, let every talent are useless, can get a reasonable return by his creative work. (end)相关的主题文章:

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