Shaanxi to build the education system of illegal dishonesty blacklist your diplomas will be on the b sichen

Shaanxi to build the education system of illegal dishonesty blacklist your diplomas will be on the black list yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education issued the education system in our province illegal dishonesty blacklist information sharing and Joint Disciplinary Measures for implementation. Way clear, legal persons and other organizations are paying wages to laborers, welfare or social insurance amount is relatively large, and in more than 3 months; organize or participate in illegal fund-raising, contract fraud, escape or illegal use of pre-sale funds; awarded the degree certificate, qualification certificates or other education certificates illegal publication of false advertising and recruitment; a relatively large amount of behavior, involving a large number of society caused by the adverse effects of nine kinds of behavior, will be included in the education system of illegal dishonesty blacklist, will be subject to severe punishment to stop enrollment eligibility. The natural person has in the office personnel recruiting (recruits), all levels of education, occupation qualification examination, evaluation of professional titles in the process in the process of resort to deceit; students apply for credit loans, grants or loans and government subsidies, the purchase of low-income housing prize of national activities, providing false materials, deliberately concealing personal (or the real situation of family) 8 kinds of behavior, if the circumstances are serious, adverse social impact, causing serious losses to the state, will be included in the blacklist. Legal persons included in the province’s illegal dishonesty blacklist system and other organizations, to limit access to government funding, school or other educational institution in violation of the provisions of the certificates, educational qualification certificates or other education certificates, announced by the education administrative department or other relevant administrative departments of the certificate is invalid, ordered to withdraw or confiscate the illegal income;, confiscate the illegal income; if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to stop the relevant enrollment eligibility for more than 1 years to 3 years, enrollment qualification certificate revocation, qualification; the directly responsible personnel in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished according to law. For natural dishonesty blacklisted, will be prohibited from participating in Pingyoupingxian cancelled, has received the honorary title; shall not serve as company executives, shall not be employed as authorities and institutions of staff, has been hired to be dismissed; review, supervision and examination, cancel all kinds of professional qualifications; limit dishonest debtor and dishonest debtor the legal representative of the people, the main person in charge, the actual controller, affect the directly responsible personnel obligation to pay the property of children attending high fee private schools qualification punishment. Newspaper reporter Zhang Yangang相关的主题文章:

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