Retaining wall collapse workers injured taxi bus into the ambulance diamondprox

Retaining wall collapse workers injured taxi bus turned the ambulance yesterday about 10:30 in the morning, Ganjingzi district near the airport Street Beauty Diary tree area, a retaining wall collapsed, a worker was injured in an accident, covered in blood, to be rushed to the hospital, the workers stopped the continuous community vehicles without success, critical moment, joint venture the 707 bus company turned the ambulance, the injured rushed to hospital. Burst: two or three meters high retaining wall collapsed yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned through the rebellion, the accident occurred in the Ganjingzi district near the airport Street Beauty Diary tree area, a retaining wall collapsed, according to the site to see the newspaper people to provide photos of reporters, the retaining wall is two or three meters high, wall, fence and other fell down. The place is tens of meters away, associates 707 bus station, many bus drivers also came to help. Baoliao told reporters, in this accident, a more than 50 year old workers were injured, "the worker surnamed Xu, had been working at the site of the accident, he lost a lot of blood, the face of the body is blood." The accident occurred after the collapse of the workers will hasten the rescue, he was rescued from the collapsed. Hospital: Jitiao bus transport the injured site was dialed 120, because of the long distance, 120 emergency vehicles need twenty or thirty minutes to arrive, the workers decided to send the injured to the hospital hailed in the street, helpless, see the body of blood, a lot of taxi and social vehicle did not stop. To see this, associates 707 bus fleet Liu Yi decided, without affecting the line capacity under the condition of emergency transfer to a bus, as the ambulance sent the injured to the hospital. Responsible for driving the bus is more than 50 year old driver Fuling Hector, Hector teacher has many years of driving experience, before they had safely treated in the car suddenly fainted passengers, and passengers will be sent to the hospital in time. This time, he spent about 20 minutes, carrying the injured workers and their families steadily arrived at Changchun Road, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, medical treatment for the injured for the valuable time, the injured workers and the families of the 707 bus fleet this move to express heartfelt thanks.

挡土墙塌方工人受伤 出租车拒载公交变身救护车昨日上午10点半左右,甘井子区机场街道美树日记小区附近,一挡土墙突然坍塌,一位工人在事故中受伤,满身是血,亟待送往医院,工友们连续拦了多辆社会车辆都没有成功,危急时刻,联营公司707路公交车变身救护车,将伤者及时送往医院。突发:两三米高挡土墙倒塌昨日下午,记者通过报料人了解到,事故发生在甘井子区机场街道美树日记小区附近,一挡土墙突然坍塌,根据报料人提供的现场照片记者看到,挡土墙有两三米高,墙体、护栏等都倒了下来。事发地点几十米开外,就是联营公司707路公交车的调度站,多位公交司机也前来帮忙。报料人告诉记者,在这一事故中,一位50多岁的工人受伤,“这位工人姓徐,之前一直在工地上工作,这次事故中他流了很多血,脸上身上都是血迹。 ”塌方事故发生后,工友们赶忙前来施救,将他从坍塌处救了出来。送医:急调公交车运送伤者现场有人拨打了120,因为路途较远,120急救车需要二三十分钟才能抵达,工友们决定到路边拦车送伤者前往医院,无奈的是,看到伤者身上的血迹,很多出租车以及社会车辆都没有停下来。看到这种情形,联营公司707路公交车车队长刘轶决定,在不影响线路运力的情况下,紧急调来一辆公交车,充当救护车,送伤者去医院。负责驾驶公交车的是50多岁的老司机赫福令,赫师傅有着多年的驾驶经验,之前就曾稳妥地处理过在车上突然晕倒的乘客,并及时将乘客送往医院。这一次,他用了约20分钟,就载着伤者、工友和家属稳稳地抵达位于长春路的大连医科大学附属第一医院,为伤者就医争取了宝贵的时间,伤者的工友、家属对707路公交车队的这一举动表达了衷心的感谢。相关的主题文章:

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