Regulated by rumors to stimulate Shanghai August new home turnover hit a new high of nearly 9 exit safe mode

Under the control of rumor stimulation   August Shanghai volume of new homes hit a new high of nearly 9 years over the same period — real estate — September 1 Shanghai Xinhua (Xu Qian) following the turnover of the peak caused 325 new "at the end of last effect, regulated by rumors, the Shanghai property market in August a new high volume of new homes, the monthly turnover of more than 1 million 800 thousand square m, to second year highs, after March, and with the chain rose has exceeded 4, while the highest since 2008, the new home market volume 9 years of record. At the same time, the average transaction price of new homes rose up in Shanghai, for the first time exceeded 40 thousand yuan, 42 thousand yuan per square meter price again to refresh the historical record, and with the chain rose for the second half of 2010 since the highest level in nearly 6 years, the chain rose 13.6%, an increase is as high as 4. (pictured from the Shanghai E-House Research Institute) August volume amplification, and regulation of rumors of the end of August, Shanghai began to spread on the network "purchase credit deal rumors", it said, Shanghai will be the introduction of new market regulation policies in the near future, including housing and credit recognition, improve the two suites down payment "" divorce is less than a year, and the purchase of loans in accordance with the policy before the divorce family treatment ", rumors, immediately triggered a Shanghai public housing developers overnight panic, push plate, buyers can also speed up the market. According to online real estate statistics: 8 at the end of last week (8.22-8.28), Shanghai new commodity residential area of 555 thousand square meters, the chain rose by 93.7%; the new commercial housing price is 43722 yuan per square meter, up 5.7%, turnover the average price of Shanghai once again set a new record. Last weekend, Shanghai hand housing turnover reached 2322 units, Shanghai City real estate trading center system because of a surge in the number of buyers was paralyzed, and according to the on-site queuing purchase said the public for transfer, check the purchase needs at least 3-5 hours." In order to prevent rumors continue to spread and maintain the smooth operation of the real estate market in Shanghai, on the afternoon of August 29th, the recent community on the purchase of credit deal rumors, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee made it clear that no such research will continue to strictly enforce the policy, issued in March 25th "on the further improvement of the city’s housing market system and security system to promote stable and healthy number" opinions on the development of the real estate market, the real estate market to maintain stable and healthy development. However, in the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee did not stop the rumor volume. According to the Shanghai chain of family data provided by the end of 8, Shanghai new day online signing 16072 for 4 consecutive days over 1000 sets, by the end of August 30th, 18:40, a housing units up to 2042 units, contracted area of nearly 243 thousand square meters. In contrast with the volume of the Shanghai property market in August, the supply of performance is very low. From the supply point of view, in August the city’s only 18 residential projects into the market, compared with a decrease of 9 in July, the supply has dropped to $400 thousand square meters, with the chain fell by nearly 5, fell significantly. According to the Shanghai chain home market research section相关的主题文章:

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