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SEO With the advent of the new Google indexing system of caffeine, the online reputation management tactics also will see a dramatic shift in patterns. Caffeine focuses on regular updates and fresh content unlike the earlier system that was more dependent on keyword density. The new indexing system would give more importance to fresh content which will be given preference over older contents of similar nature. So, in case you wish to remain top in search results, make sure that you post good content regularly. It will also help in burying any negative reviews and scandals that might have popped up recently. Google Caffeine is good news for businesses because reputation management will be much quicker now; But then SEO will be.e more challenging and time consuming. Nonetheless, business that face a drop in their popularity and goodwill will find the going really tough in the event of the latest indexing systems as the positive content of the past will not do them any good any more. Google, holds more sway over the internet than any other search engines and influences the keywords used by the SEO specialists all over the world. With internet a buzzing medium to discuss products, review .panies and to meet people, it has be.e all the more important to keep your records clean. Lend an ear to what others are talking about you and try to dig out the actual reasons for the negative .ments if any. Many a time , these could be handy pointers that unveil short.ings or flaws in the functioning of your .pany or in your products. Never ignore these useful feedbacks;try to reply to them to alleviate the concerns of the customers and solve their queries. This could be a strategic move from a PR point of view as well. However negative .ments and bad press reports posted by disgruntled elements and professional .petitors do the maximum damage as they take up viral proportions in no time. Online reputation is vulnerable to many external factors and you should be on guard against every single move. Professional reputation management .panies can help you maintain a good image and a sound track record. As the thin boundary line between the real and virtual world disappears, your online reputation something really crucial to stay ahead in the corporate race! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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