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RANS 3 year champion mentor Wang Feng thanked his wife Zhang Ziyi – Beijing during the three months of the new song "Chinese" on the evening of October 7th ushered in the final at the bird’s nest, Wang Feng Xu Geyang, Jiang Dunhao Na Ying of the Marine Corps, Wang Chenrui, Li Peiling, Harlem Yu and Jay Chou. Yang Mina from foreign to the championship team attack. In the favorites Xu Geyang, Wang Chenrui accidentally prematurely eliminated, after a fierce battle to win two rounds, Jiang Dunhao Yang, won the first season of "new sound" championship, Wang Chenrui won the second runner up. Wang Feng also ended three years to accompany run, eventually became the champion mentor. The ultimate showdown, compared to the fancy adaptation, Jiang Dunhao is still with a guitar, "window" will quietly a cavity tender feelings and love meanders, proving once again that the strong power ballad "Killing with Kindness". After winning the Champions Jiang Dunhao are still some "Mongolia": "I still have rising up on the stage of the election and the blind. To the second round of the ocean in the singing, I said he was really good to sing, I suddenly on the side of the first sentence of his own lyrics to forget, I rushed to the background with the director said that the teacher can not look at the lyrics?…… This should be most grateful to Wang Feng and his team, their pay is not seen." Jiang Dunhao successfully won the championship, Wang Feng also ended three years to accompany the end of the championship coach. After the conference, Wang Feng’s face full of pride, the scene thanks to the many staff and unsung heroes, and the most important is to thank his wife Zhang Ziyi: "Zi Yi gave me the dream team sent a warm, give me a lot of help, advice, help them pick clothes. I’m glad she can do it. This kind of warmth is special. Thank you." That night, "China new song" program group donated 5 million yuan, to the music, reading public welfare plan for children in poor areas. (Yiyang)相关的主题文章:

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